REDDIT: I believe the ghost of a suicide victim tried to get me to kill myself too.

I shared this story in a comment in an askreddit post then realized it would probably be appreciated here. This is a true story. Trigger warning for suicide.

My husband and I moved into an apartment a couple years ago where I started to basically go insane. It always felt like someone was watching me and I became horrifically depressed. I would get so sad that sometimes I would even just spontaneously start crying and I often fantasized about hanging myself from the rafters in this one room. I would sometimes hear the rafters creaking and go in there then imagine myself hanging in front of the window being the cause of the creaking. I had been depressed in the past, but this was something on another level. I was seriously suicidal, despite being happily married and genuinely enjoying life before moving into this place. I thought that I had some serious mental illness that was emerging.

Several months into living there, our neighbor, a sweet old woman that had lived in the building for decades, told us that a young woman hung herself from the rafters in that room in the late 80’s. She was discovered by a man walking his dog who saw her hanging in front of the window. Our neighbor said she was a very unfriendly person, who kept to herself and never had anyone over.

According to her, every single one of the female tenants in their mid-20’s to early 30’s that have moved in since her suicide never renewed their leases past the first year and all seemed “troubled”, as she put it, while they lived there. I was 27 at the time, the exact same age she was when she died.

My husband and I noped the fuck out of there pretty much immediately after we learned this. We still had a few months left on our lease, so we had to pay double rent during that time, but it was worth it. Literally the day we got out my mental health recovered completely and has been back to normal ever since.

I believe with all my heart that she was there in that apartment with us, and for whatever reason, she wanted me to repeat history and endure the same fate as her.

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