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Indigenous Elders Share Stories About “Star People” Living Inside The Earth

By Arjun Walia (via Collective Evolution)


  • The Facts:Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, a Professor Emeritus at Montana State University who is Cherokee/Choctaw has been researching the Star People, and collecting encounters between them and Native Indians for many years. This article shares one of many.
  • Reflect On:Are we alone? If not, what are the implications when the public becomes fully aware of this? How will it change the way we look at reality? Science? Technology? History?

Belief in subterranean worlds has been handed down as myths or legends among generations of people from all over the world. For example, Socrates spoke of huge hollows within the Earth that were inhabited and vast caverns where rivers flowed. The Cherokee Indians tell that when they first came to the southeastern United States, they found many well-tended gardens but not the people who cared for them. Eventually, they discovered a group of people who lived underground and came out only at night to tend the gardens. They harvested the food and took it underground to their cities.These people were small, had blue skin and large black eyes. The sun rays were too harsh for them so they built their cities underground and only came out at night using the light of the moon. The Cherokee called them the “Moon People.”

The quote above comes from Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, a Professor Emeritus at Montana State University who is Cherokee/Choctaw and has been researching the Star People for many years, collecting encounters between them and Native Indians. I recently published two articles detailing indigenous stories of encounters with the “Star People.” One was regarding an indigenous elder who shared a story about the “Star People” that crashed on his reservation, which you can read here. The second article, published a few days ago, was about an elder who showed Dr. Clarke a petrified alien heart, which he claimed belonged to the Star People, and you can read that here.

These people were also mentioned in a 1797 book by Benjamin Smith Barton, who explains that they are called “moon-eyed” because they saw poorly during the day. Later variants add additional details, claiming the people had white skin and that they created the area’s pre-Columbian ruins. Barton cited his source as a conversation with Colonel Leonard Marbury.

In her book, Clarke recounts a story told to her by an 84 year-old elder, who she called “Uncle Beau.” According to him, “The old ones tell stories about people from the stars who lived underground near Tanana. There are many stories the old ones told about the Star People who live among them and went underground near Tanana. The Inupiat believe they came to Earth on a spaceship.”

Clarke then asked him if he’d ever seen a spaceship, to which he replied:

Plenty of times. I was born here in Athabaskan territory. I was here before Alaska became a state and my people lived here for thousands of years before any white man ever came here. There were spacecrafts visiting Alaska when it was called Alaxsxaq, and they will be visiting long after there is no more Alaska. I think they have always been here, just as the old ones said. The government knows about it, but there is little they can do. They were here long before there was a government. I think at this point, the military just tries to contain them and keep it quiet. They don’t want us to know about it.

There is also a military base near where Beau lives, and when Clarke asked if he had ever talked with anyone at the base about UFOs, he responded:

One of my niece’s boys used to work at the base about 10 years ago. They employed about one hundred civilians at the base. He said that one morning he went to work and the base was closed. They told the workers to go home. When he reported for work the following day, one of his friends who was stationed there told him that a UFO had landed the previous night. He said there was a place up there where the UFOs go underground. He said (his nephew) it was guarded night and day. No one was allowed near the site, but he said his friend who has a high security clearance told him about it.

He went on to explain how he thinks it’s a place where “the aliens and the military collaborate and where the aliens can go underground freely without us regular people seeing them. I don’t know what they are doing together, but I think that is how they use the place. My nephew’s friend said the aliens look like us. So maybe they are the ancestors.”

Now, having been working in this field for a long time, I’ve come across some very interesting connections. Tanana, Alaska, is right next to mount Hayes, Alaska. For those of you who don’t know, the US Government in conjunction with the CIA and Stanford Research Institute initiated a program called STARGATE, and one of its functions was to study remote viewing, which is the ability to perceive and describe a distant location regardless of distance.It’s an ability that allows the ‘viewer’ to be able to describe a remote geographical location up to several hundred thousand kilometres away (even more) from their physical location — a location that they have never been to.

Long story short, it was extremely successful, reputable, and accurate for intelligence collection. After its declassification in 1995, or at least partial declassification, the Department of Defense and those involved revealed an exceptionally high success rate.

To summarize, over the years, the back-and-forth criticism of protocols, refinement of methods, and successful replication of this type of remote viewing in independent laboratories has yielded considerable scientific evidence for the reality of the [remote viewing] phenomenon. Adding to the strength of these results was the discovery that a growing number of individuals could be found to demonstrate high-quality remote viewing, often to their own surprise… The development of this capability at SRI has evolved to the point where visiting CIA personnel with no previous exposure to such concepts have performed well under controlled laboratory conditions.” (source)

Multiple remote viewers from that program, after it was declassified, all of a sudden started talking a lot about extraterrestrial phenomena. One of the things discussed was the locations of multiple ET bases here on Earth. One of the program’s top viewers had successfully remote viewed 4 extraterrestrial ‘bases’ stationed on Earth. One was located underneath Mount Ziel, another was under Mount Perdido in Spain, another was under Mount Inyangani in Zimbabwe, and another was underneath Mount Hayes, Alaska. You can read more about that specific story here.

Lyn Buchanan, one of the STARGATE army remote viewers, claims that he was tasked to find out information on extraterrestrial groups that were/are visiting the planet. He also mentions these bases. You can read more about that here. (You can read more about that here: source)

These names are ever present within the CIA’s electronic reading room, so you can look them up and verify their credibility. After the declassification of the program, most of the people involved within the program also became publicly known.

So, what’s the point? Mount Hayes is right next to Tanana, Alaska, where Elder speaks of (as mentioned earlier in this article). And with regards to his nephew, there are multiple military bases within the vicinity such as Eielson Air Force Base. 

It’s interesting that I read this story shared by Dr. Clarke and then come across this connection with the remote viewing program.

Joe and I recently sat down and went a lot deeper into underground civilizations and how it relates to the extraterrestrial phenomenon. Below is a clip from our hour-long discussion on the topic on The Collective Evolution Show. Check out the clip below, and if you want to watch the entire broadcast you can sign up for CETV.

Another interesting story as told by Dr. Clarke comes from Mary Winston. At age 87, she was regarded as one of the only traditional artists still living. There are so many stories from indigenous elders about the Star People, it’s truly amazing and overwhelming.

According to Winston:

We have a story that our ancestors were brought to this land in great metal flying machines by the Star People. The ancestors lived on a cold planet, much like the arctic region. So they brought us here to colonize this planet. At that time ice covered the Earth. It was not like the Earth of today. We knew of the Star People from our grandparents. The stories were passed down for thousands of years. We were brought here by the Star People who live at the top of our world. They live under the North Pole. That is the top of the world. My grandfather talked with them when he was alive. He said they looked like us but that they had bigger eyes because on the home planet everyone lived underground. He said when we were first brought here we had big eyes too, but the sun and snow made our eyes small slits.

Clarke goes on to cite several other very interesting interviews with indigenous elders about living underground on our planet.

“My people tell of Star People who came to us many generations ago. The Star people brought spiritual teachings and stories and maps of the cosmos and they offered these freely. They were kind, loving and set a great example. When they left us, my people say there was a loneliness like no other.” (source) – Richard Wagamese, One of Canada’s foremost authors and storytellers from the Wabaseemoong First Nation in Northwestern Ontario.

The Takeaway

Several ancient texts from various cultures mention beings from ‘another world’ that exist within our own. One such world, referenced in Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu traditions, is Shambhala, which is described as a hidden kingdom within our own planet, a place we do not understand and is difficult to find. We’ve never really been down there ourselves, at least as far as we know.

It’s interesting to imagine what the Earth looks like at its core. Even though instruments can be used to determine the make up of it, to see it in its entirety would be fascinating.

Perhaps we should not be so quick to dismiss these stories


Not bot, not beast: Scientists create first ever living, programmable organism

Not bot, not beast: scientists create first ever living, programmable organism

Nanobots are tiny robots that carry out specific tasks. In medicine, they can be used for targeted drug delivery.

A remarkable combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and biology has produced the world’s first “living robots”

This week, a research team of roboticists and scientists published their recipe for making a new lifeform called xenobots from stem cells. The term “xeno” comes from the frog cells (Xenopus laevis) used to make them.

One of the researchers described the creation as “neither a traditional robot nor a known species of animal”, but a “new class of artifact: a living, programmable organism”. 

Xenobots are less than 1mm long and made of 500-1000 living cells. They have various simple shapes, including some with squat “legs”. They can propel themselves in linear or circular directions, join together to act collectively, and move small objects. Using their own cellular energy, they can live up to 10 days.

While these “reconfigurable biomachines” could vastly improve human, animal, and environmental health, they raise legal and ethical concerns.

Strange new ‘creature’

To make xenobots, the research team used a supercomputer to test thousands of random designs of simple living things that could perform certain tasks.

The computer was programmed with an AI “evolutionary algorithm” to predict which organisms would likely display useful tasks, such as moving towards a target. 

After the selection of the most promising designs, the scientists attempted to replicate the virtual models with frog skin or heart cells, which were manually joined using microsurgery tools. The heart cells in these bespoke assemblies contract and relax, giving the organisms motion.

The creation of xenobots is groundbreaking.

Despite being described as “programmable living robots”, they are actually completely organic and made of living tissue. The term “robot” has been used because xenobots can be configured into different forms and shapes, and “programmed” to target certain objects—which they then unwittingly seek.

They can also repair themselves after being damaged.

Possible applications

Xenobots may have great value.

Some speculate they could be used to clean our polluted oceans by collecting microplastics.

Similarly, they may be used to enter confined or dangerous areas to scavenge toxins or radioactive materials.

Xenobots designed with carefully shaped “pouches” might be able to carry drugs into human bodies.

Future versions may be built from a patient’s own cells to repair tissue or target cancers. Being biodegradable, xenobots would have an edge on technologies made of plastic or metal.

Further development of biological “robots” could accelerate our understanding of living and robotic systems. Life is incredibly complex, so manipulating living things could reveal some of life’s mysteries—and improve our use of AI.

This time-lapse video shows cells being manipulated and assembled to create xenobots. Credit: Douglas Blackiston, Tufts University

Legal and ethical questions

Conversely, xenobots raise legal and ethical concerns. In the same way they could help target cancers, they could also be used to hijack life functions for malevolent purposes.

Some argue artificially making living things is unnatural, hubristic, or involves “playing God”.

A more compelling concern is that of unintended or malicious use, as we have seen with technologies in fields including nuclear physics, chemistry, biology and AI. 

For instance, xenobots might be used for hostile biological purposes prohibited under international law. 

More advanced future xenobots, especially ones that live longer and reproduce, could potentially “malfunction” and go rogue, and out-compete other species.

For complex tasks, xenobots may need sensory and nervous systems, possibly resulting in their sentience. A sentient programmed organism would raise additional ethical questions. Last year, the revival of a disembodied pig brain elicited concerns about different species’ suffering.

Managing risks

The xenobot’s creators have rightly acknowledged the need for discussion around the ethics of their creation.

The 2018 scandal over using CRISPR (which allows the introduction of genes into an organism) may provide an instructive lesson here. While the experiment’s goal was to reduce the susceptibility of twin baby girls to HIV-AIDS, associated risks caused ethical dismay. The scientist in question is in prison.

When CRISPR became widely available, some experts called for a  moratorium on heritable genome editing. Others argued the benefits outweighed the risks. 

While each new technology should be considered impartially and based on its merits, giving life to xenobots raises certain significant questions: 

  1. Should xenobots have biological kill-switches in case they go rogue?
  2. Who should decide who can access and control them?
  3. What if “homemade” xenobots become possible? Should there be a moratorium until regulatory frameworks are established? How much regulation is required?

Lessons learned in the past from advances in other areas of science could help manage future risks, while reaping the possible benefits.

Long road here, long road ahead

The creation of xenobots had various biological and robotic precedents. Genetic engineering has created genetically modified mice that become fluorescent in UV light. 

Designer microbes can produce drugs and food ingredients that may eventually replace animal agriculture

In 2012, scientists created an artificial jellyfish called a “medusoid” from rat cells.

Robotics is also flourishing. 

Nanobots can monitor people’s blood sugar levels and may eventually be able to clear clogged arteries

Robots can incorporate living matter, which we witnessed when engineers and biologists created a sting-ray robot powered by light-activated cells.

In the coming years, we are sure to see more creations like xenobots that evoke both wonder and due concern. And when we do, it is important we remain both open-minded and critical.

Bodybuilder who married sex doll ‘cheats’ with object while she’s being repaired

Bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko, from Kazakhstan, married his sex doll Margo at a ceremony last year. He said she had broken just days before Christmas and was being repaired

By James Caven (Via Daily Star)

A bodybuilder who married his sex doll is apparently “cheating” with a strange object.

Yuri Tolochko, from Kazakhstan, wed his doll Margo at a ceremony last November.

But he revealed she had broken just days before Christmas and was being repaired.

In the meantime, he recently posted a video on Instagram of himself touching a silver object with small ridges while wearing nothing but his underwear.

Yuri, who has 99,000 followers, wrote: “Looks like I’ve got a new passion.”

One follower replied: “Hey…Are you cheating on your wife?!”

Yuri said “maybe”, adding: “I can’t stand while she’s in the hospital.”

The social media user said: “You gotta spread your seed.”

Another Instagram follower added: “Somehow I don’t think your wife would have much to say about it all anyway.”

Commenting on the video, Yuri also insisted to his followers it was “wonderful”.

Dozens of guests attended his wedding to the sex doll, which had been delayed for months by the coronavirus pandemic.

He said he first met her at a nightclub and popped the question in December 2019.

The blogger said he has been living with the for more than 18 months.

Sharing footage of the celebration on his Instagram page, he wrote: “It’s happened. To be continued.”

In the video, he put a ring onto her finger and then kissed her.

The footage shows the pair take the first dance in front of a crowd.

In December, he revealed the sex doll had broken shortly before Christmas.

He said she was being repaired in another city, adding: “When she recovers, it will be a gift for both of us.”

Yuri previously described what the relationship was like and claimed “many men would like to imagine the same”.

He told the Daily Star: “In general, I began to be jealous of Margo.

“Many men would like to imagine the same.

“After the wedding, I decided to show her less to people, I forbade her from Instagram (I did this a long time ago).

“Maybe I’m being too selfish.

“But that’s the beauty of Margo, that I can do this to her and she won’t mind.”

He also previously said he delayed the wedding a second time after being attacked during a transgender rally in the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan on October 31 2020.

Yuri ended up with a broken nose and a concussion after dressing as a woman for the march.

A dose of madness

Forty years ago, two psychiatrists adminstered history’s largest dose of LSD. Johan Jensen reports on the epoch-defining experiment

By Johan Jensen (via The Guardian)

Mystified by the new wonder drug LSD, the psychiatrist Louis Jolyon West and his colleague at the University of Oklahoma, Chester M Pierce, were looking for a new way to investigate the drug in 1962. They came up with an idea so outlandish it could only happen in the world of experimental psychology.

Male elephants are prone to bouts of madness; LSD seems to cause a temporary form of madness; perhaps if we combine the two, they reasoned, we could make an elephant go mad. Their research paper about this venture is a tragicomedy of high hopes and lessons not learnt. For only mindless optimism and blind faith can account for the events that unfolded on a hot summer day in Oklahoma City’s Lincoln Park Zoo 40 years ago. 

Having established that “one of the strangest things about elephants is the phenomenon of going ‘on musth’,” a form of madness that sees the animal “run berserk for a period of about two weeks, during which time he may attack or attempt to attack anything in his path,” West and Pierce enrolled the assistance of Warren D Thomas of the local zoo. 

Thomas volunteered the services of Tusko, a 3,200kg, 14-year-old male elephant. They were all set to establish what an elephant on acid would get up to. One crucial point had to be decided – how much LSD would it take to make him run amok? Research had established that lower animals are less susceptible to the mind-altering effects of LSD than humans. It would be a waste to have an elephant ready to go and then miss out on the unique opportunity by giving it an insufficient dose.

West and Pierce decided to go for it. While 297mg might not sound a lot, it is enough LSD to make nearly 3,000 people experience hours of “marked mental disturbance,” to use the researchers’ phrase. This was the record-breaking quantity of the most potent psychoactive substance in existence fired into one of Tusko’s rumps with a rifle-powered dart at 8am on August 3. What happened next is captured with an oddly moving economy of expression in the clinical voice of the research paper:

“His mate (Judy, a 15-year-old female) approached him and appeared to attempt to support him. He began to sway, his hindquarters buckled, and it became increasingly difficult for him to maintain himself upright. Five minutes after the injection he trumpeted, collapsed, fell heavily on to his right side, defecated, and went into status epilepticus.” An hour and 40 minutes later, Tusko was declared dead. Surely a more anticlimactic moment or a greater tragedy was never recorded by scientists.

The animal they had hoped would stomp around its pen in mad fury had fallen to the ground and slowly expired in the dust. But they drew something positive out of what in anyone else’s view would be considered an abject failure. West and Pierce’s conclusion, a staggering feat of positive thought, sums up an era’s belief in the infallibility of science: “It appears that the elephant is highly sensitive to the effects of LSD – a finding which may prove to be valuable in elephant-control work in Africa.” 

· West, LJ, Pierce, CM, Thomas, WD (1962) Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: Its effect on a Male Asiatic Elephant. Science, 138, 1100-1102

• More on the Impact of Research on the Higher Education Network

Woman Who Sold Her Virginity For $1.4 Million Has Fallen In Love With The Wall Street Banker Who Bought It

By Ellie Kildare

The French student who sold her virginity for more than a million dollars has revealed she’s fallen in love with the Wall Street banker who bought it. The 20-year-old woman named Jasmine used the site Cinderella Escorts to auction off the opportunity to deflower her, eventually pulling in $1,373,249, money which she planned to use to pay off family debt, start a business, and travel the world. However, she got more than she bargained for when she realized the man who paid to sleep with her is actually her soulmate.


The winning guy was described as “smart” and “successful” and made Jasmine realize she made the right decision by auctoining off the chance to sleep with her for the first time. In fact, she’s pretty glad the banker won because he’s a total gentleman.


While you might think sleeping with someone who paid more than a million dollars to devirginize you would be really awkward, think again. Jasmine and her new suitor got on so well, they plan to keep seeing each other. “Most people would exchange a million for their first time if they could turn back time,” she said, according to the Daily Mail. “I am happy that I sold my virginity and I met the client already. I was a bit nervous, to be honest, but finally, I really liked him. He was a real gentleman and looked after me well. I don’t want to go into details but what I can say is that we are going to date each other again.”


They’re very supportive about her unconventional approach to making money, probably in large part because they’re directly benefiting from it. Whatever makes Jasmine happy!



9,000-Year-Old Stonehenge-Like Structure Found Under Lake Michigan

Archaeologists found something much more fascinating than they got credit for when searching under the waters of Lake Michigan for shipwrecks: they uncovered a rock with a prehistoric carving of a mastodon, as well as a collection of stones arranged in a Stonehenge-like manner.

Gazing into the water

In modern archaeology, the use of remote sensing techniques is common: scientists regularly survey lakes and soil for hidden objects.

Archaeologists uncovered sunken boats and cars and even a Civil War-era pier at a depth of around 40 feet into Lake Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay, using sonar techniques to search for shipwrecks, but among all these, they found this prehistoric surprise, which a trained eye can guess by looking at the sonar scans photos in this article.

“When you see it in the water, you’re tempted to say this is absolutely real,” said Mark Holley, a professor of underwater archaeology at Northwestern Michigan University College who made the discovery, during a news conference with photos of the boulder on display in 2007. “But that’s what we need the experts to come in and verify.

Professor Mark Holley hopes that a computer model of the carving in the mastodon rock will help petroglyph experts

The boulder with the markings is 3.5 to 4 feet high and about 5 feet long. Photos show a surface with numerous fissures.

Some may be natural while others appear of human origin, but those forming what could be the petroglyph stood out, Holley said.

Viewed together, they suggest the outlines of a mastodon-like back, hump, head, trunk, tusk, triangular-shaped ear and parts of legs, he said.

“We couldn’t believe what we were looking at,” said Greg MacMaster, president of the underwater preserve council.

Specialists shown pictures of the boulder holding the mastodon markings have asked for more evidence before confirming the markings are an ancient petroglyph, said Holley.

“They want to actually see it,” he said. Unfortunately, he added, “Experts in petroglyphs generally don’t dive, so we’re running into a little bit of a stumbling block there.”

If found to be true, the wannabe petroglyph could be as much as 10,000 years old – coincident with the post-Ice Age presence of both humans and mastodons in the upper midwest.

The stones of discovered underwater structure are organised circle and believe to be at least 10,000 years old.

The formation, if authenticated, wouldn’t be completely out of place. Stone circles and other petroglyph sites are located in the area.

The discovery was made back a few years ago, and surprisingly enough the find hasn’t been popularized at all, with little to no information available online, but I’ll be sure to update this post as soon as I can get ahold of more info.

The Dystopian Western World

The West is living the worst of Orwell’s 1984 and Raspail’s Camp of the Saints

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

As the second decade of the 21st century comes to an end, democracy and free speech no longer exist in the Western World.  In all its respects, Western civilization no longer exists.

In the United States, which poses as the model for democracy, a presidential election has just been stolen in full view of everyone.  There is expert testimony by qualified experts about how the voting machines and software were used to bias the vote count for Biden.  There are hundreds of signed affidvits of eyewitnesses who saw the fraudulent use of mail-in ballots to boost Biden’s vote count.  We know for facts that dead people were voted, illegal aliens were voted, out of state residents were voted, and some precincts had more votes cast than there are registered voters and even residents in the precincts.

Despite the abundance of evidence, except for members of state legislatures in some of the swing states, no one is acquainted with the evidence.  The presstitutes speak with one voice and deny that any evidence exists.  So do the Democrat election officials in the Democrat-controlled counties in the swing states where the presidential election was stolen.  The courts have refused to even look at the evidence.  The presstitutes misrepresent the courts’ refusals to examine the evidence as the judiciary’s ruling against the validity of the evidence despite the fact that no court has looked at the evidence.

The level of hostility of Biden supporters toward those who protest the electoral fraud is extraordinary.  Biden supporters threaten Trump supporters with loss of employment and with arrest and prosecution.  Tucker Carlson on Fox News reviews the extraordinary situation here:

Radicalized African Americans, unaware that they are being used by the Establishment, see the stolen election as their chance to rule and to displace white people.  That the winner is the Establishment is beyond their grasp.

It is obvious that if the evidence of election theft were bogus, the media would seize the opportunity to discredit President Trump and his supporters’ claims of electoral fraud by investigating the evidence for that purpose.

The Supreme Court knows that that the evidence is real. Being an Establishment institution, the Court does not want to damage America’s reputation by ruling that the election was stolen. Moreover, the Supreme Court Justices know that the American Establishment and its presstitutes would not accept a decision that the election was stolen.  The Supreme Court understands that the Establishment intends to rid government of a non-establishment president who is hostile to the Establishment’s agendas, which include globalism, destruction of the American middle class, war, more profit and power for the ruling class, and fewer civil liberties for the governed class.

The American Establishment includes the Republican Party.  In order to protect its agendas—war and US hegemony, the concentration of income and wealth, the elimination of the middle class which gave stability to the country and limited the ability of the Establishment to exercise complete control, and the overthrow of the First Amendment and our other civil liberties which limited the Establishment’s ability to control all explanations—the Establishment is willing to pay the price of the destruction of public confidence in American institutions.  The Establishment assumes that it can use the ensuing conflict to its advantage. The country will be further split apart and less able to unite against the Establishment’s self-serving agendas.What Became of the American Left?

Conservatives blame the presstitutes for the Russiagate hoax that for three years kept Trump from his agenda and the subsequent attempt to impeach Trump over false charges that he bribed the Ukrainian president.  In actual fact, these efforts to destroy an elected president of the United States were orchestrated by the CIA and FBI.  It was CIA director John Brennan who alleged Trump was a traitor in league with the Russians, and it was FBI director James Comey who contrived false indictments and false prosecutions of General Flynn, Michael Cohn, Paul Manafort and Roger Stone hoping to extract in exchange for leniency false testimony against Trump. It is difficult for patriotic conservatives to get their mind around the fact that the CIA and FBI, which they think protect Americans against Russian and Chinese communists and Muslim terrorists, are in fact internal enemies of the people of the United States.

Except for a few Internet websites unknown to the majority of the people in the Western world, the only information people in the West receive is controlled explanations that serve the agendas of the Establishment.  Consider Covid, for example.  All experts who are critical of lockdowns, mask mandates, the suppression of effective treatments and the focus on vaccines, and who are skeptical of the seriousness of the pandemic are censored by the print and TV media and by Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.  As far as I can tell, there are more real experts—and by experts I do not mean doctors and nurses brainwashed in their training by Big Pharma—who are skeptical of the agenda of public health authorities than experts who support lockdowns and vaccines.

The presstitutes serving Fauci portray the dissenting experts’ views as “conspiracy theory.”  But clearly Dr. Kamran Abbasi, executive editor of the British Medical Journal and editor of the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, is not a conspiracy theorist.  As I recently reported, he has this to say:

“Science is being suppressed for political and financial gain. Covid-19 has unleashed state corruption on a grand scale, and it is harmful to public health. Politicians and industry are responsible for this opportunistic embezzlement. So too are scientists and health experts. The pandemic has revealed how the medical-political complex can be manipulated in an emergency—a time when it is even more important to safeguard science.

“The UK’s pandemic response relies too heavily on scientists and other government appointees with worrying competing interests, including shareholdings in companies that manufacture covid-19 diagnostic tests, treatments, and vaccines. Government appointees are able to ignore or cherry pick science—another form of misuse—and indulge in anti-competitive practices that favour their own products and those of friends and associates.”  See this

Yet in place of such expert informed opinion, Western peoples only hear the ignorant propaganda from the bought-and-paid for whores on CNN, NPR, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, and the rest of the paid liars.

There can be no democracy, no accountability, when people only have controlled explanations that serve the ruling agendas.

The disrespect for free inquiry, the only known basis for the discovery of truth, is so powerful today throughout the Western world that even in the West’s most famous universities—Oxford and Cambridge—censorship is entrenched.  Any student, especially a privileged “person of color” can brand any scientific fact, any historical fact, any expressed view or opinion to be “offensive.”

Those found to be the most offensive are white people whose statues and memorials are being taken down at both Oxford and Cambridge.  The founder of the famous Oxford University Rhodes Scholarships himself has been erased.  Cambridge University’s white academics and administrators have accepted a person of color as their political commissar to control their lectures, choice of words, and reading lists in order to ensure that no truth can emerge that might be declared by some ignorant student “offensive.”  Of course, white students cannot complain that it is offensive to denigrate the white creators of British accomplishments as racists. The use of political commissars to control what can be spoken was the way Stalin controlled Russia. This Stalinist practice has now been institutionalized throughout the Western world in schools, universities, media, corporations, and government.

Oxford University, in an act of contrition, has proudly announced that admission to Oxford will no longer be based on the outmoded and racist concept of merit.  Oxford University declared that the university is reserving 25 percent of its annual admissions to those unqualified to be at Oxford.

How are those unqualified to be at Oxford to succeed in graduating?  According to Oxford, before they begin on their degree studies they will be given up to two years in remedial preparation so that they become qualified to attempt receiving a degree. In other words, they will be coached through the process. Such an act of contrition cannot possibly be permitted to fail.

In other words, Oxford has abandoned merit and is discriminating against those students who displayed merit (and their parents who fostered merit) in favor of those who did not. Twenty-five percent of those qualified to be at Oxford will not be permitted to be there in order that those not qualified to be there can be. This is what “affirmative action” amounts to.

Cambridge has abandoned academic freedom and subjected the knowledge of its distinguished faculty to censorship in subservience to the idea that truth can hurt feelings and be offensive.  A university that values feelings more than truth is not a place where learning can take place.

In the event you think I am exaggerating the direness of the situation, here is an emeritus professor at the University of Kent in Canterbury explaining the factual situation.  The situation is so bad that even the professor himself is trapped in his opponents’ use of language. He refers to the truths under attack as the “dissident views.”

In the Western World the policing and censorship of thought and expression has now been institutionalized.  As the native-born white inhabitants of these countries have no right or privilege to censor the attacks on them, they are set-up for second class citizenship leading eventually to extermination.  Their civilization will proceed them in extermination.  Indeed, it is already gone. White people are people without a culture and without a country.


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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts writes on his blog site, PCR Institute for Political Economy, where this article was originally published. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research.The original source of this article is Global Research

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Is everything an illusory simulation? Was the world created by a non-physical force that we can communicate with and possibly influence with our minds, thereby participating in the creation of our own reality? These are the grandiose existential questions central to this documentary, which introduces viewers to the concept of the Simulation Hypothesis.

Teasing that there are cutting edge physics experiments that imply Simulation Hypothesis could be true, the film begins by reviewing two primary philosophies regarding the nature of life: materialism and idealism. First introduced by Democritus, materialism credits the atom as the basis for all reality, making consciousness the result of a material process. Plato, on the other hand, believed it is the mind itself that gives way to matter; therefore reality is borne from ideas.


The story of DAVID HUGGINS, an unassuming 72 year-old who claims to have had a lifetime of encounters with otherworldly beings – including an inter-species romance with an E.T. woman (with whom he lost his virginity to), and chronicled it all in surreal impressionist paintings. Are his experiences dream, hallucination, or could they be reality?

Note: The Earth is definitely Flat and aliens/UFOs are definitely Real. If you are not fully awake to both of these Truths, then you are not yet CONSCIOUS. What real Truthers now are doing is digging into the connecting dots. Are the ETs all inter-dimensional beings and/or is the earth located on an infinite plane with many more worlds out past the ice walls? Don’t be a half awake flat earther that thinks ETs/UFOs are not real, and don’t be a half awake ufologist that thinks we live on a spinning ball hurling through outer space. Time to FULLY WAKE UP people and stop fighting each other!!! Follow research, not people.


Note: The SERGEANT MAJOR’S TRUTHER INFO group with 33,500 members was deleted by FaceBook/Government on 01/24/20. The SERGEANT MAJOR’S TRUTHER INFO channel with 50,000 subscribers was deleted by YouTube/Government on 02/14/20.

“The 5 rules to AWAKENING: Rule #1 – Everything you were ever taught is a lie by design; Rule #2 – governments lie 100% of the time, they always have, and they always will; Rule #3 – the Illuminati controlled mainstream media is not reality, but rather is lies, disinformation, half-truths, and fake events carried out by gov/media hired crisis actors (aka role players); Rule #4 – Spirituality and Reincarnation are reality, whereas religions are simply government crowd control measures; and Rule #5 – this plane(t) called earth is a flat, motionless plane, it is not a spinning ball hurling through outer space. Furthermore, the 4 Sources of Disinformation that are ALWAYS FAKE: government, mainstream media news, matrix sciences, and religions.” — Sergeant Major

My dog found his previous owner.

It started off as just another Sunday morning. I was out on my morning jog, running beside the tree line of the woods that flanked our neighborhood. I was enjoying nature’s beauty while working up a good sweat, when I heard what sounded like whimpers. I followed the sound to it’s source and found a dog, a yellow Labrador sitting under a tree. I knelt down to pet him and he nuzzled into my hand. He seemed somewhat relieved to see me. His tail wagged like crazy as I pet him. I noticed that he was dirty and looked quite malnourished. I wondered if he was had been kicked out by his owner or was just lost.

After looking around for a while to see if his owner would show up, I decided to take him home. I gave him a bath and fed him some chicken, which he gobbled up. The poor thing must have been so hungry. The next day, I put up missing dog posters around the neighborhood. My own dog, Duke had died just the previous year and I could imagine what this dog’s human must be going through right now. For as long as he was going to stay with me, I decided to call him Happy.

Happy and would go for walks everyday in the mornings and in the evenings. For our morning walks we’d walk past the same woods where I had found him, but in the evening we’d take a different route and would venture a bit further from our neighborhood. Our walks were fun. Happy was a very well behaved boy. He would relieve himself only when and where I told him to and would never pull on his leash. Except when we walked past one particular house.

It was the house a bit removed from all the others. Wherever we approached it, Happy would whimper and would act very agitated. At first I thought he wanted to go inside, but as we got closer to it, I noticed that he seemed scared of it. He would stare at it wide eyed and would freeze in place. He didn’t want to go inside, but he also didn’t want to walk away from it. It made me think of a person who just cannot tear his gaze away from a horrible car crash. After he did this for the third time, I decided to change our route.

Months went by and no one came to claim Happy, in spite of the posters I had put up. I decided I was going to keep him for good. We had formed a bond and I couldn’t bear the thought of losing him now. He too seemed to love me. Every morning , he would wake me up with kisses, making my alarm clock redundant. In the evening when I picked him up from doggie day care, he would run to me with a look of pure joy on his face. How could I possibly let go of this creature who had brought such joy into my life?

Then one very hectic evening, I needed to run some errands and decided to take Happy with me to get his walk out of the way. I had to walk past that same house that had vexed him so much. In my haste, I had forgotten all about his anxiety when he came near it. Happy, however, hadn’t forgotten. As we came to pass it, he once again began to whimper and froze in place. He wouldn’t take his eyes off of it. I tried to calm him down, I promised him bacon, but nothing worked. He seemed more unsettled by the house than he ever had been before.

He must have stared at the house for ten minutes, with terror in his eyes, refusing to budge. Then without warning, he bolted towards it, pulling his leash right out of my hands.

“Happy! NO! Get back here!” I shouted. But he wouldn’t listen. He had finally overcome the fear that had paralyzed him. He ran around the corner and dashed into the backyard of the house. I ran after him, hoping like crazy that I could get him out before the owners saw us. I got in there to find Happy, frantically digging a hole in the back yard. I had never seen him do this before. He never dug holes in my yard, or even in the woods near our house. I tried to pull him away, but he was determined. He dug and dug, as if powered by an otherworldly force.

I was considering lifting him up and carrying him, when I saw what Happy’s digging had started to uncover. It was a piece of cloth. As happy continued to remove the dirt, I noticed that it was in fact the sleeve of a shirt. In the next instant, a person’s hand was exposed. There was a human being buried in that yard. This time, I did pick up Happy and ran from that place as quickly as I could. I forgot all about my errands and went straight to the nearest police station. I told the cops everything.

The dead body was unearthed and an investigation began. An autopsy report stated that the person Happy had found, a man in his early thirties, had been dead for five months. That’s as long as I had had Happy. The coroner had concluded that the man died of a blunt force trauma to the back of his head. That house was a rental and the dead man lived there with his girlfriend and his dog – my Happy. The neighbors in the area knew them as Aaron and Vicky. It turned out that these were fake identities. Everything this couple had told people about themselves was a lie. The insides of the house were untouched and nothing seems to have been taken. The girlfriend, “Vicky” is still at large. She remains the prime suspect in the murder. Though the cops aren’t sure if she was behind all this or if she too had been killed and was just another victim. No one has ever come to reveal Aaron or Vicky’s real identities. Aaron was buried in an unnamed grave. Strangely, until the body was found the house rent continued to be paid in cash. Perhaps to prevent anyone from becoming suspicious. I’m sure there are other details that the cops haven’t revealed to the public.

I often wondered what kind of a man this Aaron was. He may have done something shady in his life, but his dog seemed to care enough about him to battle his paralyzing fear and go dig up his body. I like to think that he was good, caring dog owner.

As strange as this entire series of events was, I haven’t even told you about the strangest occurrence. One morning, Happy was playing in my front yard and I was in the kitchen making breakfast. Suddenly, I saw him head to the fence on the far left side of the yard. He was happily wagging his tail at something. I couldn’t see who it was as my view was obstructed by the shrubbery. I went outside to see what was going on. Happy came trotting towards me. I noticed that his collar, the one I had put on him, was lying on the ground next to the fence. And he was wearing a different one. I ran out to the street to see if I could catch a glimpse of whoever had changed Happy’s collar. But there was no one there. Happy let out a small bark, as if telling me to come back inside.

I took Happy indoors and examined the collar. It had a name tag on it. On one side of the tag the name “Dennis” was carved and the other contained a house address. The same house where Happy’s owner lived. He licked my hand and looked straight into my eyes in a reassuring manner.

Dennis and I are still very happy together and I can honestly say that he’s the greatest good boy who ever lived. And yes, I do call him “Dennis” now. I have a feeling that his deceased owner would want that.

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Issac Kappy killed by Hollywood elites

Issac Kappy was an actor in Terminator Salvation I believe and posted a video talking about how he’s tired of the Hollywood elites trying to have power over him and drops some big names in Hollywood which he claims are pedophiles.

Weeks after the video was posted Issac threw himself of a bridge in what was ruled a “suicide” coincidence? I think not.

Issac was killed for exposing the true Hollywood and they were scared by the evidence he claimed he would drop soon…. unfortunately they got to him before he could.

Children’s Handprints Appeared On Mirror This Morning.. I Have No Kids & Live Alone

I woke up this morning and went to my closet door (which is actually a full mirror).

I noticed these tiny handprints on my mirror. The issue is, they just appeared and I live alone.

In the five months that I have lived in this townhouse, I have never babysat or had anyone with kids over.

I have cleaned this mirror a handful of times when it got dusty, so there’s no way I’ve missed it this entire time.

The whole thing freaked me out so badly that I just wiped them away, however I took pictures first.

Check it out and let me know what you think :-/

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Found kitten on grave

The following took place yesterday and today:

I had a kitten pass away yesterday. He was my little shadow. He slept on my chest every night, never left my side during the day, and literally gave me kisses all of the time. He would lick my mouth whenever I made the kissy face/noise. He was an amazing little creature. He was only a couple months old. He got a cold, when the weather got hot suddenly, instead of the steady 70’s we were used to, he got a little cold. This isn’t uncommon. It’s similar to allergies in humans.

I immediately took him to the vet to get him some medicine. The vet gave me some medicine for him, but warned me that he may not make it. He passed away yesterday. He was not in pain, he was in my arms, and not alone. I was heartbroken, still am.

So, I bury him in the corner of my garden, a lovely little shaded spot under a tree. I put a couple rocks over his grave and picked some flowers and placed them there. I miss him desperately, and I cried most of yesterday and today. This evening I am going out to my car, and I walk out the front door to head to my car. You must understand that while I buried my kitten in the front garden, when you leave the front door you have to turn to look where he is buried; the path to my car is heading in the opposite direction.

I walk toward my car and I hear a voice in my head “turn around”… I stop because it startled me. But I listen and turn around and look toward my kittens grave. Curled up, sound asleep, on his grave is a small kitten. I walk over slowly because I don’t want to startle him. He doesn’t startle, but he does wake up and look at me. He appears to be blind. He stretches out and meows and I bend over and pick him up. He immediately starts purring and licking me. Just like my kitten did.

I know this is probably a coincidence… but the timing is amazing. My kitten passes away. I bury him, and the next day I find a little kitten curled up on his grave. I have never seen this kitten before. He by some miracle he was sent to me, I promise I will not take this gift for granted.

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for the kind words and support. I have a vet appointment scheduled for this evening, as it was the first one available. I will post another update after the appointment. The kitten, he is a male, seems to be at least partially blind. He responds to sound and smells, and sometimes walks into things. However, if you get really close to him, he seems to see you a bit. I am wondering if perhaps he has some kind of eye-infection. We will find out tonight.

I still have not decided on a name. Help is appreciated. Marvel is a wonderful name, but I haven’t decided yet. He is black and white, his tail is mostly black with speckles of white. He is truly a beautiful little thing. My kitten who passes away (his name was Kane) would have loved this little guy.

Curled up and sleeping soundly.

Update: Kitten has seen the vet. We have decided to name him Eli. Eli has a severe eye infection, and may be permanently blind. He has been given three medications, and hopefully as the infection clears, his sight will come back. But it may not. He is healthy other than the eye infection; no temperature, heart rate and breathing is great. And his bowel movements are good as well. Hahaha he actually pooped on the vet tech during his examine.

Thank you everyone for the well wishes. Eli is currently getting all the cuddles and kisses.

UPDATE: I just wanted to update everyone on the latest. Eli is doing great so far. He is responding really well to his meds. I was just examining his eyes and there is a bit of color behind the filminess. He is so active. He is running around and jumping on things. He is super talkative, he is constantly meowing his adorable kitten meow. I mentioned in a comment below that its like he is narrating his life.

I could not be more proud of this little guy for being so strong.

Also, I just wanted to thank everyone, again, for all the support, prayers, and love. Eli and I can feel your support and we are both grateful. I am so happy I shared my story with all of you. Another thing, I have gotten a few notifications of my phone, telling me about comments and showing me a brief bit of the comment, but when I open up Reddit the comment is nowhere to be seen. I just want you guys to know I am grateful for the kind words, and I am trying to answer as many comments as possible. If I don’t reply to you, it could be that the comment disappeared. I don’t know if this is a Reddit thing or what, but I want you to know I am not ignoring you. One such comment came in recently, I am not sure who it was from, but they said they had been following my post and that my posts were altruistic, I went to open the notification to read more but the comment was gone. So if the person who wrote that comment reads this: I had to look up what altruistic meant, I believe you called my posts unselfish, and for that I am grateful and I thank you for your kind words. I am sorry I could not finish reading your comment.

Anyway, Eli’s next appointment is Friday evening, so hopefully then I will have some definite updates about his sight. Love to you all!

UPDATE: Eli just had his one week follow-up appointment and I am happy to report that he is doing amazing! The vet was so impressed with the progress he has made. She confessed she was nervous they would have to do surgery on his eyes because they were so badly infected, but after todays appointment she happily exclaimed that she believes his eyesight will return. He has already regained some sight, and the vet believes over the next couple weeks his sight should return, hopefully completely! I am so happy that he has overcome to huge hurtle. He is gaining weight and even bossing around his husky older brother. Thank you everyone for the support and love, it is now, and always will be, much appreciated!

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I’m either crazy or I rented a house in a straight up evil portal.

A gold? I’m absolutely flattered. Thank you, kind strangers on the internet!

Updated to add some requested details
I am really quite moved by the support I received here today. It felt really good to get it ‘out on paper’ and the support from all of you were cherries on top! So for that, thank you!

The Valley

Alright, I’ve been lingering about in this group and I’d like to share my story. I’ve always believed in the paranormal until, ironically, I experienced it. I have since moved, and all is well again. Buckle up, we’re going on a journey.

To give you some visuals about the land. It was a crappy old trailer sitting on about 5 acres in a really beautiful valley in the South West. There is a seasonal arroyo which during monsoons would turn the back three acres into nearly a lake. The back half of the property was lined with a wooded ridge, mountainous area. Very rural. About 9 miles from town, down the shittiest dirt road that has ever existed.

As with most adults I entered a period of life with some pretty big obstacles and struggles. It was a sequence of events which led me to renting this run down POS. At the time it seemed serendipitous. An acquaintance had mentioned a property near her I could possibly rent for dirt cheap, while we were hanging out under the new moon.

Fast forward to the next new moon, this property owner contacts me (I’d told her she could give my deets if it came up as available) and after some chatting we agree to meet.

This place was not the Ritz, not even a HoJo. It was a run down trailer that hadn’t been cared for in, probably ever. I believe firmly in listening to my gut but any red flags that came up were squelched by my excitement to maybe have an opportunity to pull myself out of the financial hole I’d dug myself into. He needed work done on the property and would trade for rent. I was swept away at the glimmer of freedom i was staring at. I hands down accepted the keys.

Before moving in, I had to first clean the entire place. So much bleach. As I cleaned out several years of other tenants things, I took note of how many sentimental items had been seemingly abandoned in closets. Some of it I set aside, with no idea what I’d do with it, it just felt wrong to throw it to the dump.

After several weeks of bleaching and blessings, I was nearly ready. I invited a dear friend of mine (M) to come out with me to celebrate. While finalizing the cleaning and working on a broken water pump the acquaintance (now neighbor) comes over with the entire family in tow (two smalls; two teens;husband).

The energy shifted in a way I couldn’t not notice, the husband was behaving….off. He wasn’t being social nor was he being antisocial. In the spirit of don’t rain on my parade I brushed it off. It was discovered the keys had been locked in their vehicle, and he (neighbors husband) would need to go fetch the spares from next door. He invites my friend to go along with him. Leaving me with acquaintance and children. We are chatting and listening to music.

I knew a storm was coming and was feeling excited for an early summer storm. She, on the other hand, was becoming increasingly anxious. She has no, known to me, fear of storms. She is pacing with one of her smalls, looking out the windows for headlights.

I was in the kitchen and she on the porch looking for the returning men when there was the biggest, loudest, Boom I have ever heard. My entire body swayed with it. I said to the kids in the kitchen that Mother Nature was very vocal tonight and giggled to ease their surprise.

The youngest she is holding is screaming and she has come back in the door, absolutely bawling her eyes out. I am completely confused. I take the baby to comfort him and I hold her in my other arm.

She cries and weeps for the next however many minutes until the men arrive. She departs shortly thereafter. Her husband is absolutely invigorated and my friend is quite obviously shook.

Turns out, they were driving on the road back when the lighting struck the ground directly next to their vehicle. Scaring my friend half to death. The strange part though was the drive takes less than three minutes, but from the boom (lightening striking) and when they arrived was at least 20 minutes.

After the neighbor family departs, my friend is ready to go. Go, right now.

After arriving home and checking in with one another we had done so. He tells me he loves me but he will never go out there again. At the time I thought maybe he was just really freaked by that freak storm and it would pass. He never would come back, and in fact our relationship took a nose dive after this.

Fast forward to move in time.

I’ve got all my stuff in place, and my dog, rabbit, & cat seem very content to have places to play. I was feeling so good that this was my ticket. I had a bonfire soon after, and burned all those items I’d kept when cleaning the house. It just felt right to let them go ceremonially.

The first night I had a nightmare. The worst I have had in many years. I kept waking up and falling right back in. Each waking I awoke screaming. I know I know, it sounds dramatic. It was.

This dream took place entirely at this new place. I was so afraid. No one would help me. There was one of the teen boys curled up in the corner wearing flower patterned swim short type things, he wouldn’t answer my pleas. I kept peeking out windows into the blackness, knowing there was something outside. I finally summoned the courage to open the door. On the doorstep were snakes. Green snakes twisted around one another. I screamed for some to call the neighbor and he needed to bring a gun. He arrives and gets out of his truck with a shovel and a nonchalant way about him.
End Dream

The nightmare left me a little on edge, as when I have nightmares I’m typically under stress and I didn’t feel stressed in the least.

Two days later I am lounging in my hammock enjoying the sun and watching the rabbit and the cat play in the fenced area while the pup is sniffing about outside looking for treasures. I hear a very loud noise near the dog and simultaneously the dog jumps back.

I go to investigate and there’s a damn rattlesnake right outside the fence. I have never in my life seen one or heard one for that matter. I decide I have to “take care” of it bc of the cat and rabbits safety. I know there’s a pellet gun inside that might do the trick. I stare at this snake a moment longer, it looks weird. That’s when I see the second head. Never have I seen ONE rattlesnake in my years of life but here I am staring at TWO all entangled together. I immediately decide this job is above my pay grade and I call the neighbor over and ask him to bring a gun.

A few moments pass and he arrives. The moment he exits the truck I flash back to my nightmare and my breathe just caught in my throat. He exits the vehicle; with a shovel and a sardonic grin. His teen exits as well; wearing the exact shorts I had dreamt and was uninterested in being there so he was quiet.

He dispatched both snakes, noting to me how dangerous it may be for me to live here without a gun. His tone and look made my skin crawl.

As time went on the nightmares grew worse, but were Always at the property. I would wake up screaming multiple times per night. In my nightmares I would scream ‘bruja’, a word I have Never used in my life was now a frequenter inside my minds eye.

The dreams shifted to images of something dark and slimy (I can’t describe what it looked like but I “knew” it’s texture) in the back room.

The back room was vacant because after moving in I had felt increasingly uneasy in that space. I couldn’t go near it in the dark without feeling fear so deep I wanted to vomit.

The neighbors around me became increasingly rude and seemed to making a point to make me feel unwanted.

I finally got to the point, I was terrified to be there and was so sleep deprived I called on a shaman to come visit me to help me bless and clear whatever weird things were hanging on. She asked me what exactly was happening that made me feel I needed an outsider. I told her. She asked me where it was. I told her. She was quiet. She told me no. She would not visit and it was her advice I leave, and leave immediately.

I wasn’t ready to give up that easily and told her no. I would not be chased away.

I called around until I was connected with two women who agreed to come perform a cleansing for me. During this we walked the yard and came to the bonfire ring and she dead stopped. What did you burn?! I was kind of taken aback at her tone but I told her and she says You shouldn’t have done that.

Directly after that she informs me she needs to leave. I never heard from her again.

I became increasingly isolated as anyone who would visit me, wouldn’t revisit. Dear friends who point blank told me the area made them uncomfortable.

I began to wake in the night between 1-3am, every single morning. One of those time I woke to a deep male voice, saying words I could not discern. Another a woman’s voice saying words I could not discern. Yet again a deep male voice saying “I’m not ready yet”.

These incidents left me feeling crazy. There had to be an explanation. Had to be. This is where I should say my belief in the paranormal was tested and I realized I don’t think I had ever Really believed.

One morning I feel myself wake but I do not open my eyes and I say in minds voice No. I will not look at you. I drifted back to sleep, I was suddenly awoken this time it felt like I had a fever my body was so hot and my minds voice says It’s time to wake up. I glance at my phone and it’s 230am.

I downloaded a sleep recorder, because why not. And what I captured was….a thing. The most distinguishable was a woman’s voice, saying Come Home. Another was singing in the far distance. Another was a woman’s voice screaming Shut Up! (In true no evidence style, I deleted that app as soon as I moved)

It was around this time I started seeing the thing in my peripheral vision, in the kitchen.

My dog would growl at windows into the darkness and wake up barking often throughout the entire duration. She was aggressive to every single neighbor and my landlord, but no one else.

A few things to summarize

  1. On about 2 miles of road there were about 11 properties which had been seemingly abandoned in the middle of the night, leaving behind all their possessions.
  2. The items I burned were love letters, children’s cards to their mother, and items such as that which had value.
  3. I placed cameras outside hoping to find a person coming and messing with me, the only thing I ever caught was a big deer coming through
  4. I was told by ghost chasing types, this place was a portal being used by other worldly things
  5. When I moved the neighbor dropped by on my last night and point blank told me I couldn’t leave, he wouldn’t let me
    The night the neighbor came over There was a lot of rambling that evening. Some it included
    random comments about me being a Scorpio and him a Leo, he was stronger than me. That I knew what I had done. (Mind you, at this point my
    partner had moved back from the east coast and was there that evening). He said I couldn’t leave and I couldn’t take him (my partner)
    either. There’s a lot and nothing to say about it. Nothing ever came from it, I moved and have never looked back! There was a man who lived down the whom was suspected of spray painting strange things into abandoned houses. One of them said ‘Keep out!
    Krampus is watching” at some point it was a painted over to show only the words “is watching”. On multiple occasions various vehicles would stop on the road by my driveway and sit there. This was not a traveled road by any stretch. So, coupled with the unexplained, there was a lot downright strange human behavior too.
  6. Please don’t chastise me for lack of evidence
  7. It was the absolute worst 8 months of my life
  8. I contacted multiple shaman/seer/ghost people during this time and all told me under no uncertain terms that I needed to move and I needed to move immediately.
    *The reasons why varied. I think I can summarize it down to the area was full of nasties which they were not willing to work with and these
    nasties meant me no good. *
  9. I reconnected with my dear friend after I had moved from the terrible place

I’m curious to see what the community has to say about this and admittedly a little nervous. This entire experience tested what I believe.

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REDDIT: I cannot find anything like this.

In 2008 I was 19 and deployed to Afghanistan. I was at a small post in the southern area of the country. It was very mountainous, and not very populated. We had men who weren’t in uniform coming in and out several times a week never staying for more than 2 days. We were all pretty positive the were special forces of some sort or maybe CIA contractors. They didn’t have much interaction with any of us pretty much ever they stayed in their groups.

There were a lot of rumors going around that they were doing some psychological warefare things. Like ambushing and killing all but one in the dark. Butchering corpses and leaving them infront of suspected villages. Burning things down just you know crazy things to mess with people.

Well about my third week at this posting we were told in the morning they wanted us to check in on a village not too far from us. They have been complaining about us killing goats and skinning them. Which really wasn’t that uncommon, we had complained all the time to try to get money and other things from us in repayment. Then we had a report of a patrol in the area see a bunch of women and children carrying a lot of things rushing away from the area. Kinda suspicious activity.

The next morning we set out before the sun was all the way up. The village was a little less than an hour drive from us. The whole area was pretty flat in a valley most of the way there, but about 2km from the village you have to take a small dirt single track road up the mountain. The entire village was on top of a small mountain but in like a big bowl. It was just maybe a dozen small walled off houses and sheds no more than 40 people lived there.

Well as we spit up and approached the village our comms freaked out, all we heard was static. But four of us heard voices. They all said it was like 100 people were all talking at once you could hear it but couldn’t make out what was being said. That lasted for about a minute. The other group radioed us and said they 3 of the 6 of them had heard clinking metal and a harsh loud scream, a wet gurgling scream. Then mid scream it just cut off and went silent. We radioed back and reported what happened. We were told to continue on our radios are encrypted there was next to no way anyone could have gotten in to them.

Not even five minutes later it happened again but this time to more than half of us, we heard people talking while breathing heavily like they were running so many voices all at once like had to rip my headset and helmet off like many of the others. It was bad we were out in the open all in a panic. We reported it again but one guy said he heard what was kinda like Farsi(Persian) another said kinda like Latin and I swear what I heard was in Russian. We were told it might just be interference switch channels and keep on task.

At this point we were maybe 30 meters from the entrance of the village it’s a pretty big open area on this mountain not much to hide behind besides the buildings. Someone noticed a thin blood trail leading into the village. We took note and continued on. When we stepped into the village we saw a puddle of dried brown blackish blood. Before we could even register what we saw three military aged med stepped out and opened fire at us.

We all dove for cover, I ran behind this 1-1.5 meter high wall surrounding a small building. As soon as I dropped to my ass a man stepped out of the building and shot at me. I panicked, this was my first time being shot at, I shot at him atleast 8 times 2 of which smacked him in the chest. Someone from the other side of the wall on a building was firing at me so I ran to hide beside the building the man just came out of. I took cover next to the man listening to his gurgling heavy last breaths.

After all was said and done we had reinforcements arrive, we put down 8 me And wounded 2 more. Nothing on our side. While everyone was taking the required pictures and what not an Army patrol came by with 4 of the women from the village. They said they found them hiding in a near by town begging for help. They had to pretty much carry the women back they refused to return.

We split the women up and began to question them, they admitted the men were gathering and getting things together to attack a patrol, someone had promised them a great reward. But they were crying all terrified to be back. Our interpreter asked what has them so shaken? Is it because of the fight? They said the morning before as the sun was coming up they saw what looked like a bloody man walking up. Some of the women went so try to give aid when they stopped and screamed. As the man walked closer he was naked from head to toe no hair and no skin. Each step he looked like his knees would buckle and collapse. He had no eyes and no muscle around his jaw. His head just swung around loose like nothing ridged to hold it up as he walked. They said he was slow and jerky. They could hear him breathing it was wet and heavy like he was drowning.
The men hearing the women scream and run, grabbed some weapons some were muskets some tools. As he walked closer they saw his belly was slit and things were just swinging from his gut. The men began to fire at him. The thing didn’t notice, didn’t stop didn’t even flinch and chunks of him were ripped off. He finally stopped when the men were reloading and opened his arms like he was going to hug someone and screamed, screamed so loud they had to cry. The men closest to him began to bleed from their eyes and ears and finally collapsed. The next thing they knew he was gone. Just vanished into a light red mist. The men who fell were gone too, not a trace no foot prints or anything just the train of blood into the village.
We all kind looked at Eachother like that’s bullshit no way. We kind ignored it and continued on with documenting and cleaning up. After several hours we were leaving, I was infront with 6 other men, we were all talking about the radio thing when one of us just stopped and yelled for us to drop. We all listened and spread out dropping low. Their are is wide open and empty there is nothing to hide behind. But there in the middle of the dirt track was a horse with its legs cut off flush at the joints with its head twisted upside down. Something was sticking out of its belly and it has something carved into its skin.

We thought it was an IED so we went through the standard processes. And cleared the area. When were were sure all was well we finally aproched it. It has a 1 meter long shard of a broken mirror stuck in its side. Arabic letters carved into it. The half of the horse facing away from us was skinned. So cleanly there wasn’t a drop of blood or a cut into the meat.

We asked our interpreter what the Arabic words said, he said it isn’t Arabic but kinda like Farsi but not at the same time. He said he thought it said “look” “look” “don’t look”
We were all freaked out. We went back and reported everything. Our CO listened to the entire story and after a long silence that felt like half an hour said”it was nothing, exhaustion and stress from your first engagement” “be careful who you tell, people will begging to question your mental fitness”
Later when some of us went to shower there was yelling. The guys who were out there with us said they saw that their faces had no skin in the mirror. We calmed them down and moved them out so we could shower. I was the first one done and went to shave when I saw a red skinless person in the corner of the mirror.
That was 11 years ago yesterday. I still sometimes see him in the mirror. Hell in my bathroom I don’t have a mirror at all. I go to a barber once a weeek to shave me. The last time I shaved my self my daughter was in watching me when I saw the man in the corner of my eye right next to her. She saw him in the mirror too and ran off screaming.

What makes this all crazy is in that deployment 3 of us from that day were killed in an IED two were critacly injured in another. Our interpreter was killed with his family in his home. 4 killed themselves within 3 years of returning home. That’s 8 dead and 2 injured just like the villagers. I’ve only told maybe a dozen people about this. Only one or two believed me. I can’t find anything like this anywhere in the world. I know the area had a lot of history like the Russians had a base where we had ours in the 80s some say Alexander the Great marched his army in that valley too.

I don’t know what to think of it I need to know more about it. It’s been bugging me for years.

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REDDIT: Paramedic Experience

So I’ve been a career paramedic, but this happened when I had only been one for 5 years. This has never left me to this day, and I shit you not… it happened exactly like this.

I was driving home on a rural highway one rainy afternoon. It was really pouring and traffic had slowed to about 50 mph. I was following two vehicles, and we rounded a bend in the road as a small sports car on the opposite side crossed the centerline and hit the small SUV that was leading the three of us vehicles on my side of the road. I immediately pulled over and called 911… it was a bad one. I got out to check on everyone…

There was wailing coming from the SUV on the side of the road… That’s always a good thing, because people are breathing. So I went down into the field past the ditch to check on the sports car.

There were two young guys in the car: the force of the impact had driven the engine to where the front passenger seat should be. The passenger was still buckled, his crumpled hand grabbing the “oh shit handle” overhead, the entire section of car shoved into the backseat area. The back of the car had peeled away, as had the passenger’s top of his head. His jawbone jutted out raw and jagged. He was clearly deceased, but I felt for a pulse anyway, all while listening to the gasping, ragged dragging breaths of the driver. No pulse on the passenger, I tried to figure out how to deal with the driver, but there was nothing I could do. The car had literally wrapped around him, and it would take an extrication team time to get him out. Listening to his dying breathing, I apologized out loud to him that I couldn’t do more, told him I was sorry to leave him, but others needed my help too. In my heart, I knew he’d never make it, so I went to render aid where it was needed. (In triage, we call this “black tagging” a patient who isn’t going to survive).

I did what I could for the family in the SUV. Emergency medical people and fire services got to the scene and took over. (The entire family had injuries, but all survived. The mother had permanent brain damage and lost an eye).

But the whole day, those two guys in the red sports car stayed on my mind. That night, I was home alone and getting ready for bed with just the bedside lamp on, and I heard something in the hallway. It got louder as it came closer down the dark hallway toward my open door. It was like a “thump… drag… thump… drag…” I absolutely froze. A broken hand curled around the frame of my doorway. And then, that kid from the passenger seat was standing there, busted up just like he was in the car. I’m totally serious.

He looked at me and I can’t recall the exact words of what he said, but it was something along the lines of, “ Hey. My friend wants you to know he understands. He wants you to know he’s okay. We both are. Thanks for trying.”

He stood there for a few more seconds, just looking at me. And then he stepped back into the shadows, let go of the doorframe, and I listened to him drag back down the hallway into nothing.

I turned on every damn light I could. I slept with the lights on for two full weeks. I clipped out their death notices from the paper later that week. Turns out they were both high school seniors, on their way home from a wrestling tournament. Their car hydroplaned, from what the investigation determined.

I’d never have recognized the blonde headed kid had he come to me as his healthy, unwrecked self. Freaked me the hell out that he came to me busted up. I still have the newspaper clippings. I’ll never forget them, nor the ghostly visit.

Anyway, that’s my experience. I’ve seen a lot of shit in my 29 year career… but nothing quite that visceral before nor since.

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REDDIT: (Uber Driver) I am still processing this…

I drive for Uber and I stopped at this house a few hours ago. As I’m waiting, a light turned on upstairs and this little boy was turning the lights on, waiving at me, then turning them off. He did it a few times and was smiling and looked like he may be laughing. I waved back and smiled and even though it was late, I didn’t even question it. The girl got in my car a few minutes later. I thought she took so long because the kid was hers and I commented how cute the kid upstairs was and her face went pale. She looked me straight in the eye and told me no one lives upstairs. I laughed because it’s spoopy season and I thought she was messing with me. I stopped shortly after I looking in the rearview mirror and saw that she was…starting to cry. She took a few deep breaths and asked me what I saw. So, I told her about the little boy turning on the lights. She called her boyfriend who was still there and was full on freaking out. Turns out her boyfriend had several people mention the kid that plays with the lights and waves!

I would have thought it was a joke, but she was shaking and almost had a panic attack about this. Her boyfriend was woken up by the call and the entire downstairs was dark when I picked her up. I have no other explanation for this because of her reaction. My hair is still standing on end thinking about it.

Edit: Thanks for the award! I honestly didn’t think this story would be received so well!

Oh my goodness! Thank you all so much for the awards! I’m blown away.

For those worried about the child and suspect foul play, I did place a call to the local police and they did confirm that there is no child at the residence, although they wouldn’t tell me if the upstairs apartment was occupied or vacant. I am driving again tonight so I will try to stop by on a break and see if it happens again. If it does, I will have my camcorder to try and capture anything out of the ordinary. I could not hear anything but he did seem like a little kid that was having fun and being goofy rather than being in any distress. I have been around enough kids to tell the difference as I used to work in a daycare. Thanks again for your enthusiasm! This isn’t my first encounter like this and am trying to capture more and more! I hope to share more in the future.

So I went back to the house. I sat there for a bit and nothing happened. With the moon being so bright (it was really cloudy yesterday) I could sort of see into the window where I saw him. The lady wasn’t kidding, there is nothing up there. No photos or furniture that could be seen. The apps on the second floor but it is has those long windows that almost reach the floor. Anyway, there was no movement inside. However, as I started to drive away I saw a kid in the yard running…but there was no noise to it…no crunching leaves or anything. I had my window open, radio off, I would be able to hear footfalls or at the very least the shuffling of leaves. It was just a glimpse and I waited for something else but there was nothing. I think it is safe to say that there is something on that property. I have to look into the history of the property. It is a really rough part of the city and many many people die in that area yearly, but I am still curious that turns up.

REDDIT: My older brother told me where to find my missing tv remote last night, he has been deceased since 2011.

Last week my wife and I attended a wedding and had to have a sitter watch the kids overnight. When we returned home, everything was fine except that the remote for the living room had gone missing. Usually when this happens it is stuck in no man’s land under the couch but I could not find it anywhere. I actually gave up and ordered 2 more remotes off of eBay. Problem solved right?

So last night right before I got up to go to bed, my son came out of his room and asked if he could sleep with his mom so I told him yes, and got the couch ready to sleep on. While I was asleep, I had the first dream of my deceased brother since he passed in 2011. In the dream he was holding my remote in his hand and saying he was sorry for making me spend money(he knows I don’t like to waste on things I didn’t need) and that he would “put the remote back where it usually is. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to check the spot that he told me in the dream and it was there. I had checked that spot at least once a day since it went missing.

Thanks Jeff, I’ll return those new remotes as soon as they arrive.

Edit: Guys, when I told my wife about the dream and showed her the remote she started crying. Between her and I, that spot in the couch was checked and rechecked at least 20 times. I also told my sister about it and she was ecstatic because he would mess with both of us when we were kids by hiding things in really tough spots until he was sure that we had looked everywhere and then put it in an obvious spot when we weren’t around. This is like classic Jeff.


REDDIT: I just received a hand written letter that is unexplainable.

I honestly don’t know how to explain this strange hand written letter I received last week. For backstory: my family and I have been staying with my parents for three months because I’ve had some health problems. We didn’t tell a lot of people because we were still in the same town and everyone was sheltering in place anyway. Last Monday my mom told me I had received a letter in the mail and I could tell by her voice she was intrigued. It was strange that I was getting mail at her address as they had only lived there about two years and it had never been my permanent home.

I head downstairs and she hands me a written letter addressed to me but using my maiden name. I’ve been married over ten years and my name is now distinctly different. The return address is in town from “Patty C.” (Names changed obviously). I don’t know anyone by that name. To reiterate, my parents didn’t own this home when I went by my maiden name. So we’re obviously very interested to see the contents of this envelope.

I open it and unfold a hand written note on 9.5×11 ruled notebook paper. The letter is very personal so I won’t type it out but it goes into detail about my health struggles and how this Patty C person cares deeply for me and is praying for me to get better. She wrote like we are best friends. At the bottom she signed her name with a P.s. to call her anytime.

My mom and I are so incredibly confused and concerned about who this person is so I decide to call the number. A woman picks up and I ask for Patty C, the woman pauses and then sighs and explains that her mother, Patty C, died a year and half ago. I apologize and am about to hang up, more bewildered than ever, when this woman (let’s call her Kim) ask why I’m calling for her mother on her (Kim’s) cell phone.

I’m not sure what to say and stumble through an explanation that I received a letter from her mother and it listed this number. Kim is silent for a while. Then she says she’s only had this cell number for 6months, well after her mother’s death. I apologize again and say there must be some mistake and hang up.

My mom and I decided to google the address, it’s a small public park in town.

I’m so confused. Paranormal occurrence Maybe? Extremely strange glitch? Extraordinary coincidence? Who knows. This is going to bother me for the rest of my life.

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REDDIT: Did Isis save this boys life?

A Being Saved My Life

Trigger warning: abuse

I will spare y’all the gruesome details, but my grandfather was a sadistic, violent predator. To cover up an affair, my dad dropped me there for the weekend-mom thought we were camping. Grandfather abused me terribly (I was 8). When I regained consciousness, I screamed at him that I would tell what he had done. That pissed him off, so he drug me outside in the middle of the night, and tied me to one of those old, metal lawn chairs. It was Autumn and it was drizzling outside.

I was so cold that night. I’m pretty sure I had hypothermia. I just remember shaking and that the wet and cold hurt.

I was going to die- I felt it. Then there was a bright, blue light. Out of it stepped a tall, thin woman’s with black hair, cut straight and straight bangs. She was wearing white and had a bead necklace. She walked over to me and touched my face, then hugged me. Her skin was so soft and she was so warm. Then she stood behind me. I expected she would untie me and we would go into the light- I thought I was dead. Instead, she put her arms around me, and she had colorful wings. I remember being shocked because I thought angel wings were white.

I immediately got warm, and dry. My muscles relaxed and the aches and pains from grandfather eased. I can still feel the warmth that I felt. I can still remember her floral smell. I never in my life before or since felt as safe as I did in her arms/wings. She stayed until morning. I think grandfather forgot me because he came running out at dawn. He commented that I must have gotten loose because I was dry and everything was still wet out.

In high school we were studying Egyptian mythology. I saw a painting of Aset (Isis) for the first time and knew it was her that had saved my life. To this day, I have a statue of her in my living room to show thanks for saving me.

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REDDIT: I believe the ghost of a suicide victim tried to get me to kill myself too.

I shared this story in a comment in an askreddit post then realized it would probably be appreciated here. This is a true story. Trigger warning for suicide.

My husband and I moved into an apartment a couple years ago where I started to basically go insane. It always felt like someone was watching me and I became horrifically depressed. I would get so sad that sometimes I would even just spontaneously start crying and I often fantasized about hanging myself from the rafters in this one room. I would sometimes hear the rafters creaking and go in there then imagine myself hanging in front of the window being the cause of the creaking. I had been depressed in the past, but this was something on another level. I was seriously suicidal, despite being happily married and genuinely enjoying life before moving into this place. I thought that I had some serious mental illness that was emerging.

Several months into living there, our neighbor, a sweet old woman that had lived in the building for decades, told us that a young woman hung herself from the rafters in that room in the late 80’s. She was discovered by a man walking his dog who saw her hanging in front of the window. Our neighbor said she was a very unfriendly person, who kept to herself and never had anyone over.

According to her, every single one of the female tenants in their mid-20’s to early 30’s that have moved in since her suicide never renewed their leases past the first year and all seemed “troubled”, as she put it, while they lived there. I was 27 at the time, the exact same age she was when she died.

My husband and I noped the fuck out of there pretty much immediately after we learned this. We still had a few months left on our lease, so we had to pay double rent during that time, but it was worth it. Literally the day we got out my mental health recovered completely and has been back to normal ever since.

I believe with all my heart that she was there in that apartment with us, and for whatever reason, she wanted me to repeat history and endure the same fate as her.

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REDDIT: Butterflies won’t leave me alone now that my older brother has passed away, we used to raise and make pets out of butterflies together.

My brother and I were best friends growing up. He was 4 years older than me, he was my biggest role model.

As a young boy, probably close to being 10 years old, he was absolutely fascinated by butterflies. He took care of them, loved raising them from cocoons, he knew everything about every butterfly. After they would pass away he would keep them because he thought they were beautiful, and loved them dearly. I partook in it merely because I admired my older brother so much and wanted to do everything he did, because I thought he was the best. The butterflies never seemed to care for me much, they’d land on him like crazy but wouldn’t land on me — even when we would go to places like “butterfly world” where they’re used to humans, they would land on everyone except me.

As he progressed into adulthood he struggled with addiction, which ended up making him fall very ill and his body gave up on him – he had a heart attack the last time he used a substance, and he passed away. He still loved butterflies up until then, when he was 23.

Although we weren’t close at this chapter in our lives, as his addiction had really pushed me away — we still talked occasionally when he was going through his good days. The last time I saw him, a few weeks before he died, we were visiting our mom and had brought up ghosts. As we had both always thought her house was haunted. Growing up him and I had many paranormal experiences, which we both saw together and talked about the last day I saw him, they were experiences that made us bond even more since no one else saw these things but us, together. While still being very young, we had moved into a rental for the month, we would play in the attic. We had been in there lots at this point, but one day went up there and it was filled with probably 10 monarch butterflies which we assumed came in through the slightly opened window, we both saw it and were in awe, played with them for a while; but by the next day they were gone. I don’t remember us ever even telling our parents. It wasn’t until I was much older and realized that was very strange. — The visit I had with him before we passed, the topic of paranormal got shifted into reincarnation. He asked if humans could reincarnate into anything, like a butterfly, he wondered. It was a very brief moment, but now that he has passed some strange things have been happening to me and I can’t get the few seconds out of my brain where he mentioned reincarnating into a butterfly.

He passed away in late January, it was still basically winter where we live. Not soon after this, a bright orange butterfly was outside of my house. I thought it was so strange, and it of course didn’t make it due to the cold. I didn’t really give it a second thought, other than how weird it was that there was a butterfly in February. Ever since then butterflies follow me everywhere, it’s gotten to the point where it’s very strange and even the people around me think it’s strange. We are not in a very butterfly-populated place, but they land on my head randomly as I’m walking to work now. They land on my leg when I’m not looking, as I’m sunbathing, and scare the living hell out of me. We went floating down a river in a different town, and halfway down the 3 hour river ride a butterfly landed on my arm rested on the tube. The group of 15 we were with saw it and thought it was so bizarre, none of them could get it to come near them. This morning I got home from work and a very bright, new-looking butterfly was seated on my front step, seemingly unable to fly. It looks completely uninjured but wouldn’t leave, so I fed it and gave it a nice sunny place to rest and it’s still sat outside the door hours later, fluttering around but won’t fly away.

I can’t help but feel somehow my brother is doing this which is a lovely thought, but it makes me filled with so much sadness and grief wishing I could tell him about all these butterflies.

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My son knows things he shouldn’t.

This is my first time posting here, so hang with me.

I have 4 sons, My oldest is 6 and he’s the one I’m curious about. Since he was very young, first learning to talk, he’s occasionally said things that don’t make any sense for him to know. We were on vacation with my inlaws at the beach when he was 2.5 and he had a blast in the water with my husband and I. The next day, we got up bright and early to go back and he adamantly refused. He kept insisting that there were alligators in the water. We tried to reason with him thatalligatorsdidn’tlive in saltwater, but he wasn’t having it. Well, my husband had taken one of our twins, almost a year old, into the water and they were playing. A few moments later, a man comes running from the peir yelling at him to get out of the water and for us to get away from the water. He explained that while watching the water from the peir, he saw an alligator just underneath the water, stalking my husband from a distance. He called 911 and animal control arrived and were eventually able to locate and capture the alligator. It was 8ft long. There had been storms during the night and it was mating season. The explanation was that he was looking for a mate and had come in through a freshwater river that runs into the sea. But, how could my son have known about that hours before it happened?

Another time, I was going outside to do yard work and he told me not to go near the bushy tree, fig tree, because there was a rattle snake under it. I thought it was just childhood imagination. I’m doing the yard work and I go over to that tree to see if any figs are ripe and I heard the rattle. I looked down and I was about 3ft away from a rattle snake and it wasn’t happy to see me. I quickly got away as not to disturb it further and hope it would go on its way. He shouldn’t have known it was there. Another time, we were going to go visit my mom and he was asleep. We hadn’t told him where we were going because she had a surprise for him. We got in the car and he said, you can’t go this way to Grandma’s because the bridge is out. We always went that way if my husband was driving and the bridge had been fully operational the day before. Sure enough, we get to the bridge and its tapped off with a detour sign. There’s no way he should have known because word hadn’t gotten out yet, especially since my cousin is the local supervisor and he didn’t tell anyone about it until after I called him.I honestly find this all a little creepy because I can’t logically explain it.

REDDIT: My experiences as a crime scene cleaner

To start out, you need a little back story to show how i got into this situation…

When i got out of high school around 2003, finding a job was difficult so i took whatever horrible jobs i could to get by. when i found a job cleaning fire and water damage full time, i was excited to have steady income and start saving, but this quickly turned into a nightmare that i had to endure for almost 2 years. the company i worked for put me on my first job which was a water damage claim where a basement flooded with sewage, so after a few days of work we finished and it was on to the next job.

my boss then called me into his office the next morning and told me about a special crew that he was setting up and asked if i would be the crew leader supervising 3 other guys that were just hired. i found this strange as i had only been working there a total of around 3 days, but figured my work ethic was already paying off and i would get a raise, i only made 10 a hour to start. not only did i not get the raise, but i got no training in the new position other than a work van with cleaning material, and the phone numbers for the 3 new guys that also were hired in to do fire/water damage cleanup.

The boss told me what tools were best to use and what cleaning products to use to sanitize along with where everything was located in the van, with hazmat suits and respirators, but he was vague about what kind of things i would clean up, he just said the situations were always different and i would get detailed instructions each job. he called my position CSC crew leader… the boss told me that i would never have to see the deceased as the coroner would have the remains gone by the time my crew got there, and to use my logic to determine what needed to be removed from the homes and what could be cleaned.

The first job i had in my new position which the boss told me about when i got to the office was cleaning up the remains of a elderly man or woman who died in their house and had been laying in chair. when we arrived, the coroner had me come inside to show me a few things that were considered hazardous material and needed to be removed due to the risk of disease, i guess my boss knew a few people from the county coroners office and much of the work came from their recommendations.

not only was the deceased still in the house, but was fully visible to me and the other guy and you could smell the rot through the masks as the house had no AC and this was mid June. the coroner was backed up and waiting on additional people to show up to load the body as it was falling apart, and i call the body it because i honestly couldn’t tell if it was male or female and was trying not to look too long as it was disturbing.

the other 3 guys i worked with handled it well but 2 got sick from the smell and has to go outside to puke. we all waited outside after the coroner showed us the chair, the fluids that leaked into the carpet, and the basement where the fluids went through the sub floor and puddled on some boxes in the basement. the coroners support arrived and took the deceased out and me and the crew started working. after about 5 minutes weird things started to happen, the first of which was when i began to disassemble the chair.

i had removed the back of the chair and was putting it into the special hazmat bags that i was given and the base started to rock when i was about 10 feet away putting the bag with the back of the chair by the front door. nobody else was in the same room as the other guys were in the basement dealing with moving boxes. i brushed it off and took apart the base of the chair as much as i could and when i got it into the bag i got a chill up my back and then began feeling sick, i just figured it was the shock of what i was cleaning hitting me and pushed on, even though the chill was strange as i was very hot in full hazmat in June.

next was removing the carpet and assessing the floor to see if it would be able to be cleaned or if i had to remove a section of the floor, so i called the boss to ask him and he told me just to pour the special cleaner on the area to soak into the floor boards and it would be fine, so i got it out of the truck where he said it was and brought it inside. when i got inside all 3 of the guys in the basement were scrambling to get out of the basement, tripping over each other, and all 3 ran outside. when i asked them what was up all 3 said there was someone in the cluttered basement and they assumed it was a homeless person or junky, Detroit has many issues with these kinds of things.

i listened at one of the open windows to the basement, its kind of the first thing we did when we started working, open any window possible, prop the doors open, so maybe someone got inside then or possibly before we got there and was hiding. after listening a few minutes and hearing nothing, me and another of the workers went inside, armed with a mag light and a piece of metal fence post and searched the basement. nothing was down there but the footprints of the shoe covers we used, but when we started up the stairs, we heard a horrible hacking cough from somewhere in the basement. when we looked for it, there was nothing, but the corner of the basement had a bunch of dust stirred up like someone was moving things very recently that weirded us both out.

we called the guys back in and they got back to the boxes, but all of them kept feeling like they were being touched while throwing away material from the boxes that got fluids on them. i went back to my upstairs job but found that the cleaner i put next to the floor boards was gone, and i started getting frustrated as it was the only jug i had of this cleaner and i clearly remember it being set next to the area before the guys ran up the stairs and my attention was redirected.

i began to take out trash figuring i would find it eventually or the basement guys took it for the floor, and i found it on its side, behind the bag that had the back of the chair.

this is impossible, there were like 6 other bags in front of this one near the front door, and this was a gallon bottle of cleaner, again i got a chill but this one was brought on by what sounded like a whisper that i could not make out the words to. cleaned the floor boards and moved out trash, job complete. that night each member of my crew had a dream about a older man telling us that we are not welcome in his home, touching his belongings and we need to leave.

in my dream i was alone in his house, the old man cried and told me i was destroying his things and he couldn’t replace anything. he was trying to push me out of his house, but it was like i was ignoring him, even when he would push me and scream at me, no reaction from me. he then threw my cleaner into the garbage pile i had made by the front door, exactly where i found it. 2 of the 3 guys in the crew told me their dreams about the old man pushing them as they went through boxes of ruined pictures and other old stuff that needed to be thrown out due to the risk of disease from his fluids.

they also said it was like they had no control and were on autopilot, they said they were so sad but couldn’t do anything. the thing that got me about the dreams of the other 2 guys, was they both said the man was getting so upset that he began violently coughing, and that the man kept grabbing their arms when they would touch boxes or throw things into the trash.

neither of the guys were in the house when me and the other guy heard the coughing from the basement. the guy that went into the basement with me said he had a dream but all he remembered was waking up sad like he did something wrong, and had a horrible coughing fit, which might just be a coincidence, but i connected it in my mind as relating to the other dreams.

we all talked about it and came to the conclusion that we were all just having a reaction to a situation and it was nothing more than our brains coping with what we had to do. im very into psychology so i rationalized it the best i could and we hoped for better assignments the next day.

next few jobs were not so bad, cleaning up blood at a home invasion, no casualty, but huge mess, then there was a few other bloody crime scenes with casualties but nothing notable happened. About a 2 weeks into the job we began to learn the tricks of the trade and were split into 2 different groups that i was responsible to manage as crew leader, so i would have to go to different sites if the other 2 guys had an issue or didnt know what to do. i thought i was getting used to the job as well as the other guys as we had no other experiences like the first job, but i was wrong…

the next job that there was activity was a suicide of a man that was middle aged, the coroner had already removed the body, but it was a mess. the guy had shot himself with what i think was a large caliber handgun or shotgun, as the spray was everywhere in the basement in like a second living room. there were skull fragments lodged in drywall, brain matter all over, and again he was not found for a bit so the smell was horrible.

first step in cleaning this was using our backpack vacuum cleaner to suck up all the bio material. the coroner told us when we went in that he and his partner were extremely uneasy in the house and it felt strange and we immediately started getting a claustrophobic suffocating feeling when we went into the basement as well.

to make matters worse, the family of the man had came over and were crying upstairs, but the vacuum noise helped to cancel out that. while i was cleaning, the power to the lights went out and it was completely pitch black. this was strange because my vacuum was still powered. my crew mate started screaming at this point so i turned off my vacuum and climbed off my ladder, i thought maybe he touched a wire to the lights but when my vacuum unit was turned off he was still screaming and i could hear things being knocked over.

i started fumbling around for my flashlight on my tool belt and yelled for my friend asking what was going on but all i got back was panicked screaming, then i saw in the pitch black, something darker that was moving in my direction and i will admit, i freaked out. i slipped trying to backup still looking in my belt for the flashlight and found it when my back hit the basement wall, i turned on the light aimed at the blackest shape i have ever seen and when the light turned on, i saw the shape of a man wearing a flannel shirt, beard, and an expression like he was about to attack me, then it was just gone.

my crew mate was behind where the entity was, sitting on the floor rocking with his hands on his head, when i approached, he picked up his flashlight off the ground and turned it on, then ran up the stairs and outside and threw up.

i followed behind him, asking if he was OK and why he was screaming, i thought i just imagined the entity and the man because his screaming scared me, but he told me that he was scrubbing the wall and felt something pulling on something in his tool belt and he thought it was me, but when he turned around, the lights went out and he was engulfed by what he said was like dark smoke and he immediately could not breathe and was struggling to move.

he managed to pull his flashlight out but it was knocked out of his hand like his wrist was grabbed with force and he managed to scream. when he screamed, trinkets started falling off a entertainment center that was about 3 feet to his side and the black smoke moved back, but he was close to passing out from exertion.

he also said he lost hearing and didn’t know that any noise came out when he started screaming and that the stuff falling off the shelves was landing on him and that’s why he was covering his head. he said it felt like a weight was lifted off him when the dark smoke backed up but he felt sick right away, and the light from my flashlight made the sick feeling increase.

we took an early lunch where he just sat there, pale as ever and didn’t say much other than he said he breathed in that smoke and didn’t feel right. i got him some gator aid and his color started to come back, i never told him i saw a man when i turned on my light because we still needed to finish and i didn’t want to put that in his head since he never mentioned seeing it.

when we went back, the lights in the basement were on again, half the things that fell from the shelves were back on the entertainment center, and the TV was on baseball, there was also a different smell in the room, similar to burnt hair. my worker, stayed a half hour, got sick again and went home for the day, leaving me alone to finish, which i didn’t want to do but had to as the other guys had their own job.

after cleaning up everything with my vacuum, i began scrubbing the old blood, which is hard after it congeals, mix in brain matter and it is like glue, even with cleaner. while i was finishing up i kept seeing the shape of a person always in the side of my vision, each time i would smell that strange burnt hair scent and a few times, i also felt like a force was pulling at items on my belt, not sure what item as there were several things in my belt.

when i finished the job, i went to use the bathroom upstairs, and in the hallway along the way i heard like muffled crying or moaning, i froze up and stayed still thinking maybe a family member had came back and when i panned around, there was nothing, but i saw a picture on the wall of a man with a beard wearing a flannel, several other pictures in the hallway of other scenarios of the same man, different flannels with deer or fish or family. i had not seen a picture of that man as i had not been anywhere else in the house with a bathroom, nor did i use the bathroom downstairs because pulling off the hazmat stuff is a pain.

as i was securing the house, closing all windows, locking doors and shutting down every light but the front porch light, i saw the front curtain move and again saw the darker than black form in the front window.

the last experience i will share in this thread happened mid July in a very bad area in Detroit. there had been a incident where a guy supposedly tried to abduct a child, was stopped by people in the neighborhood who beat the man very bad and he escaped to his house where the neighborhood people quickly called police and civilians surrounded the mans house to prevent escape.

the police response time in this area is horrible and the people were throwing rocks through the mans window and damaged his car. the man was hurt bad by the mob and was hurt by a rock or glass and died in the home (this is assumption by dpd) from what the police officer told me, it was a misunderstanding and the man picked up a girl that was injured riding her bike and some kids that knew her told their parents that the man was kidnapping her and people over reacted and the man was brutally beaten.

the cleanup was pretty simple to do, we secured windows, cleaned up blood and bodily fluid, but as soon as i entered the house, i just felt wave after wave of fear and sadness, like i have never felt this before and it hit in waves that made my legs weak. my working buddy who was there showed up late and didn’t get the story from the cop like i did, but experienced the same feelings i had. the whole time we were there, we saw a form darting around corners, like it was watching us, then hiding, it was similar to like a small bit of fog or mist.

we also heard very slight cries for help coming from several areas in the house and also what sounded like “please stop” and long “noooooo” a few times the crowd came back and yelled at the house also, and when this was going on the activity in the house increased and we could hear running footsteps go up the stairs, a door slam, and it sounded like the front door would open and close but we never saw any of the doors move.

the path of the footsteps sounded like from the front door,through living room, to the bathroom, to stairs to the upstairs bungalow room. the part that really got me, was i could feel the floor impacts that felt like the vibrations of someone running past me when i was cleaning the areas. and each time i would be hit by one of those waves of fear and sadness.

when we left the house there were a few people on porches hanging out like is usual during summer and the people were still hostile and yelling random things, but directed at us as we loaded the van and took off hazmat suits. we ignored this, but before we had loaded all the material from the house into the van and locked the house, the front door slammed hard enough to sound like a gunshot, which scared me and my crew member, along with the people on the front porch to the point where they went inside. the front door deadbolt was somehow locked and we could not get it open, i think it was a different key than the knob, so we ended up leaving several boards in the house that were left over from boarding a few of the windows.

the feeling of relief when i left the house was like night and day, inside i was, anxious, scared, paranoid, and just really down, which could be due to knowing the story, but when i got outside, it was like flipping a light switch, i immediately felt better and me and the other guy in my crew were joking and laughing about dumb stuff and normal 19 and 20 year old shenanigans.

i have many of these stories written down in detail in a journal i started after the first 3 months of working at this job. i talked to the guys on the crews and got other strange stories from them too. i know that some of this could very well be formed by my subconscious mind to cope with traumatic situations, but some of it has no explanation and when i hear other members of my crew tell me their stories when they haven’t been influenced by mine, that is a horse of a different color…

when i have time, i will pull out the journal and give more of my experiences, the job got way worse when i started the journal after 3 months in, several experiences with what i think was paranormal, many situations that stressed my mental state to the point where my mask of sanity started to slip. in the end i worked at this place for almost 2 years, and of my crew, all died, 2 from suicides, one from drug overdose that could have been intentional but we will never know.

i just know that when these 3 guys, my age, around 19 and 20, started this job, all were normal well adjusted guys with no cares in the world other than girls, parties, and working. i watched each one of them slowly drain their joys and passion for life, and i know this sounds bad, but each one that died was considerate enough to die in a clean way, most likely so another person wouldn’t have to see the horrible thing that we all saw so often…

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REVEALED: The scientific PROOF that shows reincarnation is REAL

WHILE many scientists will dispel the notion of reincarnation as a myth, there are some credible experts out there who believe that it is a genuine phenomenon.


Reincarnation is generally a religious concept that implies that upon a select few’s deaths, their soul, mind or conscious is transferred to a new born. It sounds like the stuff of fantasy, but some scientists do believe that it is a feasible concept.

Dr Ian Stevenson, former Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and former chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology, dedicated the majority of his career to finding evidence of reincarnation, until his death in 2007.nullADVERTISINGnull

Dr Stevenson claims to have found over 3,000 examples of reincarnation during his time which he shared with the scientific community.

In a study titled ‘Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons’, Dr Stevenson used facial recognition to analyse similarities between the claimant and their alleged prior incarnation, while also studying birth marks.

He wrote in his study: “About 35 per cent of children who claim to remember previous lives have birthmarks and/or birth defects that they (or adult informants) attribute to wounds on a person whose life the child remembers. The cases of 210 such children have been investigated.

“The birthmarks were usually areas of hairless, puckered skin; some were areas of little or no pigmentation (hypopigmented macules); others were areas of increased pigmentation (hyperpigmented nevi).

“The birth defects were nearly always of rare types. In cases in which a deceased person was identified the details of whose life unmistakably matched the child’s statements, a close correspondence was nearly always found between the birthmarks and/or birth defects on the child and the wounds on the deceased person.

“In 43 of 49 cases in which a medical document (usually a postmortem report) was obtained, it confirmed the correspondence between wounds and birthmarks (or birth defects).”

In a separate study, Dr Stevenson interviewed three children who claimed to remember aspects of their previous lives.

The children made 30-40 statements each regarding memories that they themselves had not experienced, and through verification, he found that up to 92 per cent of the statements were correct.

The article, published on Scientific Exploration, Dr Stevenson wrote: “It was possible in each case to find a family that had lost a member whose life corresponded to the subject’s statements.

“The statements of the subject, taken as a group, were sufficiently specific so that they could not have corresponded to the life of any other person. 

“We believe we have excluded normal transmission of the correct information to the subjects and that they obtained the correct information they showed about the concerned deceased person by some paranormal process.”

This is going to be insane, this is a Elvis ain’t dead post with proof.

Elvis was born in 1935 and apparently died in 1977, in his long run as a bona-fide rock and roll star this guy hit numerous number ones.

But what if I told you he’s still alive and well.

Let’s look at one of Elvis Idols, his name is Tom Jones, his very close friend. He was born in 1940.

Tom jones

Tom looks good yeah? This is to show age doesn’t matter.

Here’s the weird thing when I was a active member of above top secret a long while back we had a post about this after the CIA released files about Elvis being a mafia snitch and faked his death.

Then we found this guy.

Nothing weird right? They did voice analysis either this guy’s a modern day Elvis or a genius. It gets deeper. Lisa Marie presley in the past has answered back in these videos.

what’s even weirder we found a picture of said Jon cotner and we did some analisys.

Jon 1

Jon 2

We found his left eye above as the exact same eye scar. Same birthmark as Elvis.

What’s fucked up is there was a video of Lisa Marie leaving a restersunt in France and Jon cotner was behind her it’s been edited since I’ve first saw it.
Here is where it got even weirder there was a film called finding Graceland in 1994 a film about people believing Elvis is still alive. Guess who’s a producer yup Priscilla Pressley.

Then we dug deeper, The king of rock and roll didn’t want it.

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Highway to hell: Human skulls and bones are mixed with sand scattered on Russian road to stop cars skidding on ice

  • Police have launched an investigation after the bones were discovered on road
  • Video and pictures of the road in Siberian city of Kirensk show a grizzly scene
  • The road had recently been gritted to stop cars from skidding on the icy surface
  • A local minister said the sand was taken from land close to a graveyard 
  • Locals believe the bones belong to soldiers who died in Russia’s civil way 

By Will Stewart In Russia For Mailonline

Published: 07:33 EST, 16 November 2020 | Updated: 07:33 EST, 16 November 2020 

Human remains including a skull and several bones have been found mixed in with sand that was used to grit roads in Russia.

Police have launched an investigation after the bones were discovered scattered along a newly-gritted road in the Siberian city of Kirensk.

A local minister said the sand was taken from land close to a graveyard, which is how the bones ended up mixed in with it.

Pictured: A skull lying on a newly-gritted road where it was found that human remains had been mixed into the sand used to stop cars from slipping on the icy surface

Pictures taken from the road showed bones embedded in the road, and a skull lying on the surface. The road where the bones were found is named after a soldier who fought during the Russian Civil War. Ironically, locals believe the bones belong to those who died in the conflict 

MP Nikolay Trufanov said: ‘I can’t even describe how horrendous this is.

‘I hope the law-enforcement agencies will investigate this as quickly as possible.’  

Locals believe bones are likely to belong to those killed during the Russian Civil War between pro-Tsarist White forces against Bolshevik Reds between 1917 and 1922.  

Pictured: A general view of Siberian city of Kirensk, the oldest town in Irkutsk region. A local minister said the sand was taken from land close to a graveyard, which is how the bones ended up mixed in with it

Ironically, the road where the bones were found is named for Timofei Alymov, a Bolshevik who fought during the conflict.

Alymov was entrusted with keeping the gold bullion seized by Lenin’s Bolshevik forces from the Whites.

He was killed by the forces of Admiral Alexander Kolchak, leader of the Whites, in Kirensk. 

Pictured: A pre-revolutionary card of Kirensk. Locals believe bones are likely to belong to those killed during the Russian Civil War between pro-Tsarist White forces against Bolshevik Reds between 1917 and 1922

The Death of Elisa Lam

I’m sure all of you are familiar with the girl who was found dead in a water tank at the Cecil Hotel. I’ve added a link for those who aren’t and to demonstrate something I’ve noticed.


I’m a bit of a death, murder and conspiracy enthusiast and remember reading about Elisa Lam a while ago, and remember very clearly that people were saying that the hatch to the water tank was closed, further adding to how odd this case is because “how could she have closed it from inside the tank?”.

But now, every video I watch or article I read has someone very clearly stating that they went up and immediately saw that the hatch was open. For example in the following link, it is quoted:

“I noticed the hatch to the main water tank was open and looked inside and saw an Asian woman lying face-up in the water approximately twelve inches from the top of the tank”

Anybody else got this?

Sorry if my formatting is dodgy, I’m on mobile.