THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF MAXWELL: BBC announces new documentary for next year


Last updated 13:33, Thursday 19 November 2020 GMT

BBC Two has announced a new three-part documentary series looking at the Maxwell family that is scheduled to air in 2021.

The three-part series, currently titled The Fall of the House of Maxwell, will look at the rise and fall of media mogul Robert Maxwell, as well as cast an eye over his daughter Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged involvement in grooming underage victims for sexual abuse.

Robert first started life as an impoverished Holocaust survivor, who built up lavish wealth and fame as a media proprietor.

However, his jet-set lifestyle soon took a hugely dark turn as his multimillion pound media business started to collapse, with his apparently accidental death falling overboard on his yacht leading to allegations of fraud on a grand scale.

Elsewhere, daughter Ghislaine Maxwell has become an infamous figure in her own right due to her relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, the late investment banker who stood accused of decades of sexual abuse on underage girls. The socialite, who was arrested earlier this year following an international manhunt, will face trial for her involvement in the abuse. She has denied all charges against her.

Told through intimate testimony and exclusive never-before-seen sources of archive, The Fall of the House of Maxwell is a story woven through British and American society and culture, and will offer a unique window into a world of money, sex, privacy and power across the last fifty years.

Patrick Holland, Controller, BBC Two, said of the upcoming series: “Building on recent successes like Once Upon a Time in IraqThatcher and The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty, this series promises to combine nuanced story-telling with great filmmaking ambition. I’m delighted to commission it for BBC Two and iPlayer audiences.”

Creative Director, Factual and Factual Drama, Colin Barr, added: “It’s hard to imagine a story with a more dramatic rise or disastrous fall than the story of the Maxwell family. I

“t’s a story that is both intimate and epic and one which speaks to half a century of business, politics and celebrity. This is a true-life family drama on an extraordinary scale, and we’re incredibly privileged to be producing it for BBC Two.”

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