Let’s talk about why the Epstien / Maxwell Case isn’t Front Page News


In my previous thread about apologists one of the comments wondered about why the MSM wasn’t all over this story as it unfolded. To me, and I’m sure many here, the answer is obvious to us. However, this rabbit hole is most likely a hell of a lot deeper than we can imagine. So I thought we might start a list of sorts.

These are the reasons I think/posit/suspect the MSM is not all over this;

  1. A member of the Rothschild family is under the umbrella as a minor player on the periphery. If you think for a picosecond that any court on this planet can get to them you are delusional.
  2. There are 5 folks that control, through corporate structure, 90% of the media outlets worldwide. 3 of them are directly or indirectly involved. Not personally mind you, but involved in that their media moguls and/or in-house attorneys can be put on the island, at the parties, or have been listed by a victim or two.
  3. There is a SCOTUS Justice who’s name has appeared on the flight logs. In his defense, there is no other information and no other nefarious nexus, but nonetheless there he is.
  4. At least one very powerful US political family is allegedly involved and can be put on the island, at the parties, and has been named by a victim or two.
  5. Foreign royalty is allegedly involved and can be put on the island, at the parties, and has been named by a victim or two.
  6. Key players, witnesses, and folks holding potentially explosive information keep dying and doing so under some really questionable circumstances.

6a. The giveaway to this is is the media immediately making excuses for the questionable circumstances.

  1. Lately, and in frighteningly cartel-like tactics, it appears that jurists are the next target. Let me be very very clear here. I am not a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, but I do find it very odd that a week after Justice Roberts (he’s the SCOTUS Justice on the flight logs) shows up with a black eye and stitches (no explanation), that a Federal Judge assigned to a case related to Epstein gets home invaded, her son killed, and husband wounded. 7a. Going back to 6a., the MSM immediately prints a story that it’s “not unusual for a shooter to commit suicide”. Which is exactly what the shooter in Judge Salas case did. Awfully handy there, no way we can ask him why he did it huh ?

The bottom line here is that it’s not in the news because every “estate” in this nation would be rocked to the core if 100% of this ever got out. Epstein, again in my opinion, died because they squelched his deadman switch or he was too arrogant to have one. We can only hope Maxwell either has one, or has her evidence squirreled away (in multiple copies, in multiple places) safely.

I for one want an end to this. Prosecute the hell out of the offenders and clear those who are innocent. You know, the way the justice system is supposed to work. What I fear is going to happen is in Warren Commission fashion, the powers that be will cook up some watered down, ridiculous on its face bullshit, and try to convince us it’s over. That’s my biggest fear.


Just to add and put into context:

Epstein’s private banker hangs himself, the judge involved with that case gets home invaded (son killed, husband wounded), shooter then kills himself and leaves behind a manifesto that seems to point away from the case but that can never be substantiated. Ok – I buy it’s not all connected – NOT !

2nd Edit/

Just a note : if you get personal and insult me or anyone here, you get blocked. I have been very careful to keep this level across the board.

Civility is a rule of this sub and it should go without saying. If you can’t support your position without becoming insulting you can fuck off.


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