Climate Change Deniers Demand Scientific Proof that Winter Isn’t Cancelled

As winter approaches, climate change deniers are up in arms demanding scientific proof that the season isn’t cancelled. The heated debate has left many scratching their heads in disbelief as to how such a ludicrous demand could even be made.

In a statement released by the International Climate Change Deniers Association, spokesperson for the group, Tom Jones, stated, “We demand concrete evidence that winter is still happening. It’s not enough for us to simply take the word of climate scientists. We want to see proof that the snow, ice and cold temperatures are still present.”

This statement has been met with widespread criticism from climate experts who are now having to put their research on hold to address this new demand. The suggestion that winter is a myth propagated by the scientific community to further their agenda has been roundly dismissed as absurd.

Dr. Jane Smith, a climate scientist at a leading university, said, “This demand for scientific proof is completely ridiculous. Winter is a seasonal occurrence that has been happening for thousands of years. It’s not something we need to prove. It’s a fact.”

Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence, climate change deniers remain steadfast in their demand for proof. They argue that the unseasonably warm weather this year is evidence that winter has been cancelled. They claim that the mild temperatures are part of a larger conspiracy to deceive the public.

“This is just another example of the climate change hoax,” said Jones. “They want us to believe that winter is still happening, but it’s clear that it’s not. They’re just trying to pull the wool over our eyes.”

Climate experts have tried to explain that while the weather may be warmer than usual, it’s not proof that winter has been cancelled. In fact, the warmer temperatures are actually evidence of climate change.

“We know that climate change is causing the planet to warm up,” said Dr. Smith. “This means that winters will be milder and summers will be hotter. It’s a pattern that we’ve been seeing for decades now. The fact that some people refuse to acknowledge this is a real problem.”

The debate over whether or not winter is still happening is just the latest in a series of climate change denial tactics employed by the International Climate Change Deniers Association. They have previously claimed that the rise in sea levels is a hoax, that the polar ice caps are not melting, and that carbon emissions have no effect on the environment.

Despite the absurdity of their claims, the International Climate Change Deniers Association continues to gain support from a small but vocal group of followers. Climate scientists are urging the public to ignore their demands for scientific proof and instead focus on the overwhelming evidence that supports the existence of winter.

As for the climate change deniers, they remain unconvinced. “We’ll believe it when we see it,” said Jones. “Until then, we demand proof.”


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