BREAKING: Climate Change Denier Discovers Secret to Stopping Rising Sea Levels: Building Walls Around Entire Coastline

In a stunning announcement that has left climate scientists around the world scratching their heads, a prominent climate change denier claims to have discovered the secret to stopping rising sea levels: building walls around entire coastlines.

According to the denier, who wishes to remain anonymous, the walls would be built at least 10 feet high and stretch for thousands of miles along the shores of every continent. The walls would be made of a special material that is impervious to water and can withstand the most powerful storms and waves.

The climate change denier claims that by building these walls, we can protect coastal cities and towns from the devastating effects of rising sea levels, such as flooding, erosion, and saltwater intrusion. He also argues that the walls would create jobs and stimulate economic growth by providing a new industry for construction and engineering.

Unsurprisingly, many experts in the field of climate science are skeptical of this proposal. One climate scientist, Dr. Jane Smith, called the idea “completely absurd” and “a waste of time and resources.”

“Building walls around entire coastlines is not a practical solution to the problem of rising sea levels,” Dr. Smith said. “For one thing, it would be incredibly expensive, and for another, it would only address the symptoms of the problem, not the root cause.”

Dr. Smith went on to explain that the root cause of rising sea levels is the warming of the planet due to the burning of fossil fuels, which releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. To truly address the problem, she said, we need to transition to renewable energy sources and reduce our carbon emissions.

But the climate change denier remains undeterred. He argues that building walls is a common-sense solution that will protect coastal communities and provide jobs for thousands of people.

“It’s time to stop talking about the problem and start taking action,” he said. “Building walls is something we can do right now to address the issue, while we work on longer-term solutions like transitioning to renewable energy.”

Of course, building walls around entire coastlines is not without its challenges. For one thing, it would require the cooperation of every country with a coastline, which is no small feat. It would also require a massive investment of resources, both financial and human.

But the climate change denier is confident that these challenges can be overcome, and he has already started a grassroots movement to promote his idea. He has launched a website,, where supporters can donate money and sign petitions to support his cause.

Only time will tell whether this proposal will gain any traction, but for now, it seems that the climate change denier is determined to build walls around the entire world’s coastlines, one brick at a time.


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