Sincere Devotion to the Vaccine. Encounters with a COVID Believer

By Michael Welch (via Global Research)

We are living in a world and at a time when the creation of a new “life-saving” vaccine against the dreaded COVID-19 virus is actually acting as a force of division.

Pfizer, Astro Zeneca, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson “miracle cures” served nearly one full year after being first introduced to the public are now an instrument by which the “unvaccinated” are facing a form of apartheid. Now, unless you have been fully vaccinated, there are campuses you are no longer welcomed to attend university classes alongside the fully vaccinated. You can no longer be admitted into restaurants, gyms, theatres, bars, or public events. If you worked for the federal government and did not get the jab you will suddenly find yourself out of work with no compensation.

Worse, there are frequently marks of scorn in public opinion pages. If people are going to hospital because of COVID, it’s the “anti-vaxxers” fault. If vaccinated people end up in the hospital, it’s the “anti-vaxxers” fault. Why are we not done with this horrible illness? It’s being dragged on because of the damned “anti-vaxxers!”

Who knows? Before long we may even blame the “anti-vaxxers” for inflation and organized crime!

If we would only just take the vaccine, our troubles would all be over. The unvaccinated’s unwillingness to take a vaccine, even though it is an experimental vaccine with some pretty significant costs to some of the recipients, they are described as selfish, conspiracy theorists, and misguided by mis-information.

Beyond even these signals, it is hard even to get representatives of the two groups together to have a sane conversation. I have myself encountered the same gap just trying to find doctors or researchers from the “pro-Vaxx” (“pro-science” they prefer to call themselves) to engage in a civil conversation about COVID vaccination with people who, they say, have taken the “flat-earth society” position.

Divisions are so counter-productive and so unnecessary in our society, especially when the cause is so seemingly trivial. If at all possible, it would be advantageous to try to build some sort of a bridge connecting the growing chasm between rival families. And that is where this episode of the Global Research News Hour attempts to hail one person on the opposite end for a talk about our non-stopping pandemic.

Dr Tara Moriarty is active trying to serve Canadians by setting up ZOOM session to correspond with Canadians about the safety of these drugs and what she calls mis-information regarding claims to the contrary. Recently she engaged in a conversation with a so-called “vaccine hesitant” host just to see how she would react to some of the points we have been hearing about on this program. We leave it to listeners to listen to the facts and come to their own conclusions.

Dr Tara Moriarty is an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto in the Faculty of Dentistry with cross appointment to the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology in the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Moriarty is also the Principal Investigator in the Moriarty Lab, an infectious diseases research laboratory which studies several fundamental mechanisms underlying blood borne dissemination of bacterial pathogens. Dr. Moriarty co-founded COVID-19 Resources Canada, CanCOVID and #ScienceUpFirst, and is active in health misinformation responses and research.


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