DeFI TVL Soars to $55B

By Abhimanyu Krishnan (via Publish Ox)

The total value locked into the DeFi market has skyrocketed so far this month, reaching an all-time high of $54.75 billion as of Feb. 11.

  • DeFi market data tracker DeFi Llama shows that the TVL has soared to new ATHs of over $54 billion amid the rallying market
  • MakerDAO is the market’s most dominant protocol, with over $6.3 billion locked in; Aave follows with $5.94 billion locked in
  • The market has nearly triple in TVL since Jan. 1, when it was at $20 billion
  • Further growth is likely to occur as firms like Grayscale begin to offer DeFi assets in its products
  • In all likeliness, the TVL is probably higher — platforms like DeFiPulse do not always accurately reflect market activity and sometimes omits major protocols
  • For example, the 1inch team states that its TVL has crossed $2 billion, making it a relevant addition to DeFiPulse, but the latter has not added 1inch to its data platform

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