REDDIT: I matched with a trans woman on tinder and had the best experience of my life

I was bored as fuck in bed, just swiping on tinder. I was kinda horny so I wasn’t bothered to read profiles, I was just swiping any one that I found attractive. I know, I’m shallow. Any way, I got a match from a beautiful girl. She was blonde, Asian, petite and was extremely pretty. I open up her profile and noticed she mentions she’s a trans woman. I’ve never really thought about being with a trans woman, I’ve never actually met a trans woman before. But she was beautiful and she came off as a pretty down to earth funny person in her bio.

We hit it off well, we talked about video games, personal life, hobbies etc. While talking about personal life, she mentions she’s not had “the” operation and doesn’t plan to. Fine by me I thought, i’m attracted to feminine hot girls and she definitely was one, so I wasn’t bothered about her genitals, plus I’m always down to try new experiences. We talk a bit more and it leads to a more sexual conversation. Things got pretty heated and long story short we planned to meet at my place.

The day came, there was a knock on the door. I opened up and greeted her with a kiss on the cheek and let her in. I was pretty nervous to be honest. She was intimidatingly hot. We chit chat for a bit on the couch, just laughing and having some drinks. I thought fuck it and made a move. I went in for a kiss and everything just turned primal. We made out furiously while taking each other’s clothes off. I struggled taking her top off so she pushed me back and stood up, giving me a strip tease. She took her top and jeans off, revealing her black bra, tight panties and stockings. She had thin long legs, a tight stomach, small boobs and a cute little butt. She looked like a Victoria secret model. She turned around and slowly slid down her panties revealing her ass, then turned back round and took her panties all the way off. I never thought I’d say this, but she had a cute little dick.

She gets down on her knees and begins to suck my cock. Seeing a face like hers on my dick was almost too hot to handle. I lift her up and take her to the bed room. She gets on her back at the edge of the bed, lifts her legs up and spreads open. I press the tip of my cock on her ass and slowly push in. She’s incredibly tight so it took a while, but once I get all the way in I pick up the pace. I’m fucking her harder and harder and she’s moaning like crazy. After a bit I flip her over, ass up. It was an incredible view, I could’ve stared at her like that forever. She noticed I was busy staring and turned her head round to say “I’m waiting..” with a smirk. She was so cute but sexy at the same time, I slid my cock back in and went to town. Her moans were music to my ears and I did what I could to hear it more and louder.

At this point my cat decided to come in and be annoying, so I had to stop and kick him out the room which she found very funny. As I was closing the room on the cat, she came up to be laughing and kissed me. We started passionately making out until she took me back to the bed and sat me down. I’m on the edge of the bed sitting with my feet on the floor, and she comes and sits ontop facing me. We’re still kissing as she grabs my dick and slides me inside her again. She places her hands on my shoulders and starts to go up and down, picking up the pace. Her dick was hard and bouncing around as she went up and down and it was pretty hot. I wasnt sure if she was okay with me touching her there so I asked, to which she smiled, took my hand and wrapped it around her dick. I started masturbating her as she rode me and it was possibly the hottest thing I’ve ever done.

She was getting tired so I held her tight stomach and started thrusting into her. I could get much deeper and pick up the pace like this and we were both in euphoria. She started masturbating herself and told me to go harder. The view of her legs spread on either side of me with stockings on, her face in pure bliss, her eyes rolling into the back of her head and her playing with her cute little dick was something I’ll never forget. She moaned more and more until she had an orgasm, her dick oozed cum that ran down dripping onto me. It wasnt much and it was a different consistency than I expected, I’m assuming meds do that. I’ve never had someone cum me on before and never thought I would, but it was incredibly hot. I only lasted 10-20 more seconds until I came, shooting my cum inside her. I came so much and so hard I swear I nearly passed out. We both looked into each other’s eyes and just started giggling. She got off me and there was cum every where, we cleaned up and just cuddled in bed and took a nap.

That’s the hot part over, after that we ordered some food and just hung out talking. Long story short we get along so well. I learned so much about transgender topics and issues, her struggles, her hobbies, her life experiences. After talking we decided next time we meet, it would be a real date. I can’t wait 🙂 thanks for reading my story!

Edit: wow you’re all so nice and I appreciate all the kind words! Thank you!

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