REDDIT: My older brother told me where to find my missing tv remote last night, he has been deceased since 2011.

Last week my wife and I attended a wedding and had to have a sitter watch the kids overnight. When we returned home, everything was fine except that the remote for the living room had gone missing. Usually when this happens it is stuck in no man’s land under the couch but I could not find it anywhere. I actually gave up and ordered 2 more remotes off of eBay. Problem solved right?

So last night right before I got up to go to bed, my son came out of his room and asked if he could sleep with his mom so I told him yes, and got the couch ready to sleep on. While I was asleep, I had the first dream of my deceased brother since he passed in 2011. In the dream he was holding my remote in his hand and saying he was sorry for making me spend money(he knows I don’t like to waste on things I didn’t need) and that he would “put the remote back where it usually is. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to check the spot that he told me in the dream and it was there. I had checked that spot at least once a day since it went missing.

Thanks Jeff, I’ll return those new remotes as soon as they arrive.

Edit: Guys, when I told my wife about the dream and showed her the remote she started crying. Between her and I, that spot in the couch was checked and rechecked at least 20 times. I also told my sister about it and she was ecstatic because he would mess with both of us when we were kids by hiding things in really tough spots until he was sure that we had looked everywhere and then put it in an obvious spot when we weren’t around. This is like classic Jeff.



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