#279 Joe Biden’s Brother Owns Island Next To Epstein’s. Also, Ghislaine Maxwell Connection To FBI.

There are many important revelations here. The most shocking one is that James Biden, brother of Joe, owns an island that is in close proximity to the infamous Epstein Island. It’s no surprise that Biden is connected to this. Hell, if anyone is hiding in plain sight as a child-predator, it’s Creepy Joe. If the authorities were inclined to press charges against him they could build a compelling jury case just from the video footage of how handsy he is with young girls. It’s truly disgusting.

Then there are the Tara Reade allegations, which come to think of it, has now been swept under the rug by the MSM. And not unrelated are the weird statement that Dementia Joe has uttered about kids feeling up his legs. There may not be much clarity in mental decline, but there is honesty. Lastly, there is Hunter Biden’s corruption in Ukraine, China, and with a certain Arkansas stripper. No, we are not surprised with the Biden’s being involved, even if we have not heard that name connected with Epstein Island… yet.

But the most significant revelation might be the Maxwell connection to the FBI and Mossad. Once again, we are not surprised, but it is shocking nevertheless. I already knew she was a Mossad asset, I just didn’t know it was the family business.The Deep State is a nebulous term, but the more investigation one does the more concrete it’s foundations become. It’s almost like seeing a glimmer of a spider web, but upon looking closer, you can see the multitudinous strands that compose it.

Between the government connection to the land as military bases, the deep state members owning or leasing the various islands, Maxwell owing the Terramar submarine company, the alleged construction of tunnels and underwater facilities via Terramar, the Maxwell family access to both US and Israeli intelligence… we can begin to visualize how this all went down. Epstein Island was the way of initiating people into “Taking the ticket.” Yes, the elites indulged in their wicked behavior, but the latent purpose was gathering information for blackmail in order to control people. But not blackmail as in candid camera. It’s more blackmail in the strain of “You know we are, what we do, and how powerful we are. If you want to be a god in this world, come with us. This is how you become one of us.” In other words, it does not feel as if initiates were being conned as much as extended offers. And yes, we can make the very reasonable speculation given the many known associations between Maxwell/Epstein to Israel that this scheme was used to make US interests to align with Israel’s.

For me, taking all of this in requires a certain conceptual shift in how I view our government officials. I tend to view them too atomistically. They do not simply collude together to accomplish some goal or piece of legislation, it goes much deeper than that. When people speak of a Cabal they are describing accurately. This is a massively incestuous group of people who are a part of a world that we normal people have difficulty imagining. These Deep State officials may have gone into politics a long time ago with certain noble goals in mind, but if they remain now, and if we know their names, chances are that they took the ticket a longgg time ago. And even harder for me to fathom is that many of these officials never entered their careers with ideals in mind. Many were either recruited or groomed. For many, this is evil is the family business.

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  1. What about the lobbyist who bought part of his brothers island , he is connected to the boys and girls club right across from the island.


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