Jeffrey Epstein Told Inmates About Donald Trump and Bill Clinton Before Death, Book Claims


Jeffrey Epstein shared “agreeable memories” about Donald Trump and Bill Clinton with inmates at his Manhattan prison before his death, a new book claims.

Prison companion William “Dollar Bill” Mersey says the New York financier told him the current president wanted to show off his Atlantic City casino to a “French girl.”

And convicted pedophile Epstein also reportedly discussed former President Clinton’s “days as a lothario”, but said such days were over, due to heart surgery.

The account of Epstein’s final weeks in the Metropolitan Correctional Centre, in Manhattan, emerged in new book The Spider, published by Crown, which is released today.

The sex offender died after apparently taking his own life while awaiting trial on new trafficking charges, in August last year.

Author Barry Levine interviewed Mersey, who talked to Epstein through a counsellor scheme run by fellow inmates.

Levine writes: “Talk of Trump brought back agreeable memories to the financier and he began telling Mersey stories.”

Mersey is quoted as saying: “One time, we’re flying in my private plane and I was with this French girl.

“And Trump said to me, ‘Why don’t we land in Atlantic City and I can show your friend my casino?’

“I told Trump, ‘I’m not landing in Atlantic City, all you have is white trash down there.’

“The girl I was with, because she was French, asked me, ‘What does white trash mean?’

“Donald Trump told her, ‘That would be me without money’.”

Levine writes that Epstein “volunteered how Clinton’s days as a lothario were a thing of the past” during the discussion with Mersey, who said: “He [Epstein] went on unsolicited about Bill Clinton.” Mersey added: “He told me ‘he can’t do anything like that now because he’s had a couple of heart surgeries’.”

The revelations will be embarrassing to both current and former president who have been linked to Epstein in the past. Both deny any wrongdoing.


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