Jeffrey Epstein reportedly offered beautiful women ‘a date with Prince Andrew’

It’s Jeffrey Epstein: Wingman.

The now-dead pedophile used to approach random beautiful women and try to get them to “date” his powerful friends — including Prince Andrew, according to a report.

An unidentified woman listed in Epstein’s notorious black book told Mother Jones magazine that the moneyman made the direct approach when she was at an art fair in Palm Beach, Florida.

“He came up to me and said, ‘Would you like a date with Prince Andrew?’” she recalled. No date was given for the incident, and it was unclear whether Epstein’s direct approach worked.

Another woman in the black book, identified by the pseudonym Julie, told the outlet it was Epstein’s typical technique for finding girls.

“He’d take some rich guy and introduce him to a girl,” she said, claiming that the late pedophile set her up for an “incredibly awkward” meeting with Victoria’s Secret founder Leslie Wexner.

“Wexner was this super-successful guy who didn’t really have any life, and Jeff described him to me as completely socially inept,” Julie told Mother Jones.

“Jeffrey told me, ‘This guy [Wexner] has everything in the world, but he doesn’t have anyone to share it with,’ and Jeffrey knew all the girls in the world,” Julie told the mag.

Mother Jones writer Leland Nally said he spent a year contacting all 1,571 people in the “gargantuan” black book after finding a copy in the “dark corners of the internet” days after 66-year-old Epstein’s suicide in August 2019.

Some in the book told the author it may have actually been accused madam Ghislaine Maxwell’s list, with many only having connections to her and not Epstein.

His calls led to “a lot of panicked hangups” — saying he “spoke to billionaires, CEOs, bankers, models, celebrities, scientists, a Kennedy, and some of Epstein’s closest friends and confidants.”

He even called a private number at Buckingham Palace, he told the Times of London.

Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell chatted about Epstein accuser

“I called a number I shouldn’t have had,” he told the UK paper of one of 16 numbers he said were listed for the Duke of York in the book.

“When someone replied, I just asked if Prince Andrew was there,” he said, saying he was patched through to a number of people.

“Finally I was asked angrily how I got this number and who I was. Then they hung up on me,” he told the UK Times.

Andrew has been accused in legal filings and TV interviews of having sex with one of Epstein’s accusers three times, claims which the UK royal and Buckingham Palace have vehemently denied.

Wexner has previously said he is “embarrassed” about his connections to Epstein, whom he has accused of misappropriating more than $46 million while serving as Wexner’s money manager.

Wexner has also denied any accusations against him.

“Everyone has to feel enormous regret from the advantage that was taken of so many young women,” Wexner said last year. “That’s just unexplainable, abhorrent behavior and clearly something we all would condemn.”


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